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Fintech Industry

Solutions backed with emerging technologies to
boost the fintech sector.

Fintech, a synthesis of the words 'finance' and 'technology,' refers to the harmonic combination of two of the largest industries-banking and financial - into a single field. Fintech service technologies are enabling financial institutions to serve their clients in novel and unexpected ways. Emerging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, and Blockchain are revolutionizing traditional business models and directly impacting the consumer-financial relationships. Groundbreaking fintech technologies are allowing easy creation of automated solutions to handle monitoring, enforcement and reporting of regulations, keeping track of new rules in a centralized database so that effortlessly financial institutions can comply with regulatory standards and much more.

AI Bots & Virtual Assistants

Your own digital workforce available 24/7 for your customers

Artificial intelligence bots have become a disruptive force that transforms the working and service delivery of financial firms. Such bots can mimic human interaction by auditory or textual means, and can be the customers ' financial assistants.

  • Bots are available 24/7 with a virtual workforce of Bots and provide instant response for any query without any delay.
  • Learns from customer feedback and follow-up queries & improvises, hence improving customer experience.
  • Bots can assist in making different kinds of payments and transferring money, to check current balance or finance history, etc.
AI Bots & Virtual Assistants

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Experience digital transformation with automation

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Financial institutions can implement RPA to automate their business-management activities and free up employees to perform value added work. RPA holds the capability to control data, organize a database, process transactions, trigger responses and communicate with other systems.

  • RPA can be used to calculate numeric values on the firm's performance and manage transactions, saving time.
  • With automation financial forms can collect statistics and extract summaries from large documents.
  • Claim processing, regulatory compliances can be performed in a more error free and faster way.

Smart Accounting

Accounting on the cloud to work from anywhere, anytime.

With our smart account software solution one can automate and simplify tedious accounting processes like incoming, balance sheets, ledger, GST etc. Furthermore, payroll, cash flow, generation of high-level analytics reports and more can be handled in a centralized location.

  • With accurate financial records you can monitor the progress of your business as well as simplify aspects of accounting that may be prone to errors like GST.
  • Using cloud-based or on-premise applications you can save cost and resources.
  • Invoicing, Balance sheets, ledges, profit/loss books, cash flow management can be leveraged.
Smart Accounting

IoT & Blockchain Driven Solutions

Social profiling, Account credibility, Claim Processing, Credit Scoring and more.

IoT &  Blockchain Driven Solutions

IoT & Blockchain technology holds great promise for the fintech industry. Companies are increasingly integrating and adopting these solutions for the robustness that this technology brings to age-old systems when integrated in the right way.

  • IoT can be used to implement prompt customer support, indoor client navigation, on-site queue management, wireless payment, automation, self-checkout services and much more.
  • Blockchain solutions can help enable fast, secure, low-cost international payment processing services, real-time verification of transactions without intermediaries and social profiling for account credibility.

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