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We Are Experienced in Developing Fintech Products and Solutions.

Our decade-long experience allows us to deeply understand inherent industry intricacies and unique business challenges to deliver enterprise-grade fintech services and solutions that support digital transformation and drive measurable results
Banking Service & solution

We are here to extend a helping hand to the ever-evolving corporate world, offering seamless and futuristic fintech banking app development services like Domestic and Distant Money transfer (DMT), mocro ATM, Kiosk banking, AEPS & many more.

Digital Payment solutions

With our deep domain expertise, we build Digital Payment solutions like digital invoicing, wallets, mPOS (monile-point-of-sales) etc. across multiple channels including web, mobile and wearables along with integrated Value added services such as pay with points, loyalty and rewards.

Bill Payment solution

Our expert development team builds highly customizable, multi-channel, hosted or API managed system that offers adaptable and user-friendly billing and payment solutions resulting in quicker recharge solutions & utility bill payments.

Digital Transactions Management

We are expereinced in integrating payment gateways, UPI, prepaid cards, credit cards, Adhaar enabled & pan based tyransaction solutions for digital transactions.

Loans & Micro-Finance app development

Our expert fintech solution develoers have expertise in developing API based Loans & Micro-Finance software solutions like micro loans, Personal Loan, Business loans, loan against property, gold loan, vehicle loans etc.

Insurance Services app development

Our team builds custom fintech insurance solutions or API based solutions like life insurance, family insurance, vehicle insurance, family insurance etc. conformity with regulations.

Neo-Banking app development

We offer neo banking solution development service to fintech companies consuming banking APIs for collection, payouts, virtual accounts, cards, and more enabling their customers to avail all banking facilities without having to visit the branch.It is entirely online which leads to their customer better experience.

e-KYC solutions development

We help in building e-KYC solutions to which gives banks a facility to verify their customer KYC details online & customers can open their bank account without even visiting the branch.

Kiosk Self Service Banking app development

We build kiosk based financial application for fintech startups, comopanies which helps their customer for cash deposit/withdrwals easy.With our deep domain expertise in fintach application development, we deliver high quality end to end self service kiosk solutions.

No-code/low-code fintech platform development

The banking industry is moving towards a trend of faster time to market leaving behind slow development. With the vast domain expertise & agile cross functional team we are experienced with buidding highly scalable No-code/low-code platforms for finacial products & solution development.

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Addressing Fintech Software Development Challenges

We understand business goals and conceptualize your idea from the target audience’s perspective.


We finalize the most suitable technology to get an optimum outcome from a customized fintech application


We document features clearly and identify fintech app development complexities while rollout timelines


We plan the components to provide an excellent user experience while maintaining the best standards


We implement the best security and data protection features in the app to protect the end user’s privacy


We ensure that the fintech app development process remains compliant with government regulations

Fintech App Development process @ Smartinfologiks.

At Smartinfologiks, we practice various engagement models viz Time and Material model, Fixed price model, Built-operate-transfer model, Dedicated team model and staff augmentation for outsourcing development projects. Of all, for fintech, the preferred and most popular model is Dedicated team model. Dedicated team is economically reasonable and it provides task focus and adaptability. It also brings control and the deployed team offers fast paced development cycle. It is one of the liaison models, right there with the Time and Material model.
Requirement Analysis

Determine the purpose of the app to be created with requirement elicitation.Finalizing the aspect of fintech which your app would focus on.

Contract agreement

Proposal signing and finalizing the contract terms and conditions

Project Team deployment

A team is assigned to commence on the project operation.

UI/UX design

Creating a holistic user experience and elegant design based on analysis.

Development & testing

Building the logic and Coding the application frontend and backend.

User Acceptance testing(UAT)

Conducting User acceptance testing for clients review and approval

Beta Testing

A real time testing to examine the Applications's functionality.

Code released on production

Deploying the software and making it available for use.

Why choose smartinfologiks for your fintech app development?.

Domain Expertise
At Smartinfologiks our fintech developement experts have handson expertise on 3rd party integrations, regualtory compliances & laws of governments for fintech business oprtaions.
Dedicated Teams
We have a dedicated team of developers who are well versed in delivering high-end business solutions on several frameworks and technologies.
Flexible Engagement Models
We at Smartinfologiks understands the uncertainty in project requirements in fintech domain. Thats why we have flexible engagement models for scalable cost management and easy timeline modification for effective handle of fintech app development.
Process Centric Focus
Our project engagement models are focused more on transparency, accuracy in the development process.Our process centric approach reduces the development by 30% - 40% delivering the finest results.
Cross Functional talent pool
Result driven solution with a team pool of cross functional domain expertise is our forte
Advanced technology
We work on the latest frameworks and technologies to deliver you user-friendly, scalable, secure, and new business solutions as per your need
Competitive Pricing
We offer an ideal combination of cost-effective rates with amazing quality to make sure the lowest pricing in our segment.

Ushering in a new age of banking

With the improvements in digital infrastructure and cloud based services, the adoption of digital banking services increased. The pandemic COVID-19 significantly accelerated this transition and forced conventional banks to offer all of their products and services through online channels.We help banking institutions thrive on this fast-changing financial landscape by catering to their needs of their digital bankinging solution, mobile-first customers, delivering innovative experiences and intelligent insights with latest advanced technology.

Digital conversational Banking & Cybersecurity

  • Mobile onboarding of customers
  • Voice-to-text chatbots based customer service
  • Automated financial data compliances
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • Financial data encryption
  • quantum computing to ensure data integrity & security
  • AR & VR enabled customer experience

AI/ML powered powerful financial insights

  • AI-enabled business process automation
  • ML-driven threat analysis and fraud prevention
  • Intelligent information extraction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • AI-enabled business process automation

IOT and Blockchain driven financial solutions

  • Connected kiosk & POS system
  • Claim Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Authentication and Security
  • KYC verification.
  • Credit Scoring
  • Prompt customer Assistance
  • Fraud Detection and transparency


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Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Resolve your doubts. We don’t want you to stay in the loop. Want to increase your ranking now? We believe that you deserve to know the wear and tear of SEO prior to you invest in it.

  • 1.What are some primary benefits of creating a fintech software solution?
  • 2.Which technologies do you employ for fintech solutions?
    We host varying technologies that help our fintech developers build high-quality applications. Our team gains valuable insight into your business’s fintech app development needs and then suggests the best possible technology. We work using Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Node.js, Angular.js, Laravel, react, etc, for developing interactive and robust Fintech apps.
  • 3.Which fintech services are offered by Smartinfologiks?

    We offer full-service financial software solutions including:

    • Investment solutions
    • Fraud prevention system
    • KYC platforms
    • Wealth management software
    • Banking solutions
    • Mortgage and lending software solutions
  • 4. What are the different types of fintech applications?
    We at Smartinfologiks provide multiple fintech applications development right from insurance, banking, wealth management, investment, P2P lending, etc. Being a full stack fintech software development company, we provide comprehensive services for different fintech application specific to business needs.
  • 5.How much does it cost to build fintech applications?
    The cost involved in building a banking app or other financial services depends largely on the requirements of the targeted audience base, features, technologies, size of the finance app development team, hourly price rate, location of the app partner, type of app being developed, etc. All these factors should be considered to acquire an estimated quote while opting for banking software development.
  • 6.What is the estimated duration to build a financial app?
    It depends on different facets. Usually, it consumes around 2,000 hours on average. Besides, the feature you desire to implement also dictates the time consumption. Schedule n appointment with our expert financial software developers for detailed analysis.
  • 7. What is the process of building a financial app?

    An organized process includes:

    • Research
    • Creating prototype
    • Designing & development
    • Testing
    • Deployment
  • 8.How will fintech apps succeed to be the future of the banking system?
    An expert team of fintech mobile app developers can embed the application with enhanced future technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, etc. Our fintech solutions are designed to accomplish the future of the banking system.
  • 9.Which is better native or cross-platform fintech app development?

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