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Education Industry

Blending in our technological capability to facilitate quality
education & management.

Technology prevalence also had a positive impact on the education sector. In addition to improving the quality of education, the focus is also on facilitating efficient management. The education sector also manages a lot of data from documenting learners' record to fee and bus data, everything has to be maintained and archived properly. Although we're in an era of automation & online education system, most educational institutions are still operating on pen & paper. Hence, proper automation of data management and administration is the hour's need and with our software solutions and tools, it is possible.

In addition to providing a data management tool, Smartinfologiks also provides you with insights and KPI to track and assess students, staff and the entire administration. We blend in our technological capability with the unique requirements of our clients to develop a customized solution.

School Management Software

Our school ERP is a robust software solution that allows the school administration to manage the institution efficiently and also reduces significant costs and improves efficiency. Our cross-platform tailored solutions connect teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents, and management altogether at one place with high-end modules like student, class, fee management, reports, users, notifications and many more. Also with emails/alerts/notifications & chatbots, we minimize the communication gap between the parents, teachers and managerial bodies.

School Management

Front Desk & Kiosks

Every school has a front desk as an immediate point of contact. The front desk is responsible for creating a strong impression of the school as well as for addressing the visitors. Therefore, having the front desk more responsive and systematically, automation becomes very important. Our front desk or reception management module proves to be an apt choice to automate and streamline your reception. More and more schools and institutions are also adopting self-service kiosks with increasing demand to automate repetitive work and eliminate paperwork, saving time and cost. Our customized kiosks offer features like student information, applying for exams, result display, notices, events, form filling, application, time table, courses.

Front Desk & Kiosks


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