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IoT Solutions

Leading IoT Solutions for Seamless Connectivity

IoT device setup, collecting data & business analytics solutions.

IoT : Facilitate Digital Transformation with our end-to-end IoT Solutions.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the myriad of physical devices which are connected to the internet, all of which capture and exchange data. Using Big Data, Analytics and ML these data can be turned into actionable insights. With our IoT platform - BEEConnect, Enable monitoring, control & optimization of the various processes to increase productivity & efficiency. Examine recurrent patterns and contribute to predictive analysis, enhance current services & processes.

BEEConnect - Applied IoT Platform for a Connected Future

BEEConnect is the bridge between the IoT and its business practices & process using state-of-the-art innovations such as cloud, IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence and mixed reality. Connected devices are bringing in a new series of business transformation that a decade ago would be impossible. BEEConnect enables you to manage, configure, monitor, update and troubleshoot your gateways, sensors, and devices remotely. It supports the most common device-management protocols and is bringing a new transformation in business processing.

Provisioning & Authentication

Provisioning & Authentication

Configuration & Control

Configuration & Control

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Telemetry & Analytics

Telemetry & Analytics

Updates & Maintenance

Updates & Maintenance

Unlocking Possibilities with Our Advanced IoT Services

IoT Solutions

We help you define the right solution, roadmap and governance model by understanding strategic needs, scope & industry insights.

IoT Development

Rapid development & IoTization of a secure ecosystem that powers enterprises with powerful analytical IoT-based models & solutions.

IoT Management

Deploying an interconnected device ecosystem through an integrated operating model, enterprise knowledge & process management.

Industry Solutions

Know how with our IoT solutions we help you boost operational efficiency & automate business models.


Connected Warranty

Comprehensive connected warranty management system to reduce warranty costs by automating claims,recovery & improving service operations.

Battery insights

Battery Insights

Get detailed visibility of your battery heath, automatically capture everything and let you visualize events after-the-fact.

Device Telemetry

Device Telemetry

Securely monitor, control and analyse Internet-connected devices; initiate real time communication, feedback loop & metadata processing.

Device Monitoring

Energy & Operations

Effectively incorporate smart IoT solutions to monitor energy industry operations through predictive analytics and automation.

Smart manufacturing

Manufacturing Planning

Enhance on-the-floor plant operations; connect your assets, processes, systems & people, enables better integration.

Smart Homes

Home Automation

Automate your homes with IoT and integrated cloud computing, monitor and control appliances in real-time, from anywhere.

Benefits of IoT

IOT infographic
IoT Productivity

Enhance Productivity

IoT provides real-time connectivity and collaboration that keeps you well informed & coordinated, which increases productivity automatically.

IoT Asset monitoring

Improve Asset Utilization

With Real-time monitoring and insights, manage and track the assets and resources, identify maintenance issues, trigger alerts and take immediate action before any wear & tear.

IoT Security

Safety and Security

IoT offers a multi-layer and robust protection functionality which helps you protect your privacy and data seamlessly.

IoT Security

Predictive Analytics

With the help of heap of data collected via various devices in the IoT network, one can efficiently examine and monitor recurring data patterns in turn contributing to predictive analysis which can be used for maintenance, early alerts , etc.

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