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Business Challenges

Modern business requirements are agile, versatile and adaptive, this calls for management principles driven by the requisites for cost effective and efficient management, whilst delivering to customers. Central to this understanding and deep interaction with our clients, we present to you BizSuite - Prime. BizSuite stands for Business Management Suite.

BizSuite helps businesses from small to SME to large corporates manage all sorts of operations and processes such as starting from sales and leads, inventory, human blog-box-one, project management, procurement and purchasing, after sales and services, asset management, etc. With multi branch and warehousing systems

Major Benefits of ERP

  • adjust Improved Forecasting
  • adjust Better Customer Service
  • adjust Improved Sales Management
  • adjust Team Collaboration
  • adjust Eliminating Human-Errors
  • adjust Greater Scalability & Flexibility
  • adjust Augmented Efficiency & Productivity
  • adjust Built-in Knowledge Management, Checklists, and Compliance System
  • adjust Flexible Multi-Dashboard with Advanced Reporting & ANALYTICS

Key differentiations of our ERP

  • adjust Dynamic, flexible and robust in development as well in change management
  • adjust Easy-to-use training-less environment
  • adjust Comprehensive best-practice functionality
  • adjust Document attachment facility leads to paperless office management
  • adjust Dynamic Reporting tool for self-made reports
  • adjust Cross-tab & Graphical data analysis tool for MIS reporting
  • adjust Business Alerts for quick data access
  • adjust Task management system for workflow management
  • adjust Analyst business activity through MIS Fact-finder
  • adjust Keep updated through auto generated Email and SMS alerts

Embrace Profitability with a Complete ERP - BizSuite

Highlighting features of BizSuite


Flexible multi dashboard with advanced reports & analytics

Dashboards and Analytics help us in making Data Driven Decisions, BizSuite helps you look at your data in limelight.


Built in knowledge management

Knowledge the source of success, BizSuite lets you collect the sum total of the knowledge generated by your enterprise at center stage, so everyone are empowered.


Built in checklists and compliance system

Checklists helps you track of whats done and what needs to be done. Everyone in your team will always be on top of all tasks because they will know what is to be done at every point of time.


Automated rule based notifications

System should work for us and not the reverse, thus system will notify you whenever there is something you need to checkout. Gone are the days when you had to check, here are the days, system notifies you what needs to be done.


Multi currency & multi language system

Language and Currency should not stop us to work, but help each of us to work more, thus everything in BizSuite follows you, in your language.


Audit trail support

With a centralised, highly scalable architecture BizSuite provides complete data separation & abstraction features on the data for auditing.


Virtual workforce 24x7

BizSuite works with Virtual Assistants & Bots, thus providing you with a virtual workforce that works as an extension for your staff, reducing there clutter of work and increasing overall efficiency.


Powerful integrated client and vendor portal

Integrated Client and Vendor Portal, allows your clients and vendors to work on same platform as you. This takes efficiency to next level.


Big Data supported zero storage limitation

Big Data is here to stay. With growing demands and less time to change, Big Data system allows us to scale both horizontally and vertically in an ergonomic ecosystem.

Reports, Analytics and Dashboards on the fly!

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  • check_circleData filtering and sorting

  • check_circleCustomized Dashboard

  • check_circleStandard and Custom reports

  • check_circleForecasting and Reporting

  • check_circleScheduled reports

  • check_circleDiverse Data Visualization feature

  • check_circleData Visualizations

  • check_circleAlerts and notifications


The CRM module helpsinstoring allthecustomer and prospect information. ACRMhelpsinenhancing customer service as staff coneasily access the complete information they require when operating with a customer.

Effective Sales Management and Marketing Campaigns


Better Upselling & Cross-Selling


Customer Master Data Maintenance


Enhanced Customer Relationship


Quote—to—Order Capabilities


The module allows businesses to haveactive control of the sales department. The sales management solution integrates flawlessly with the inventory, marketing,HR, finance, payroll, etc.

Impeccable Sales Forecast and Sales Process Layout


Customer and Order management


Quoting and proposal management


Sales Analytics

Human blog-box-one

HR module manages andmaintains the record of all employees considering their name, designation, employee code, salary, and address followed by on employee attendance sheet. This module caters to all modern industry demands and prerequisites. BizSuite for HRM renders services thereby simplifying all the processes related to HR.

Effective Attendance & Leave Tracking


Resource Planning & Training


Payroll Management & Staff Appraisal


Employee Data and Record Maintenance


Improved Information Sharing & Collaboration

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Performance Management System(PMS)

PMS to drive quality performance management, we need a perfect blend of varying and integrated activities for an ongoing “performance management cycle. Here, our PMS services can prove to be of great help.

Performance Management and Management Control


KPI based performance evaluation


Real-Time Actionable Intelligence


360—Degree Visibility


9-box grid assessment

Project Management

This module facilitates businesses to manage the projects,and their respective details. This materials, accounting for requirements as well as tracking project status. BizSuite simplifies the complex web tasks and challenges related to project administration.

Project Planning & Analysis


Time & Resource Management


Revenue recognition & Analysis


Contract Management & Expense Management


Project generation & Billing

Jobs & AMC

Every service industry provides service to itscustomer to retain their customer. The service industry is a rough and tumble place,where only businesses with an aim to completely satisfy their customers survive. Our Jobs & AMC management module is quite helpful in managing and scheduling service requests aswell asit gives reminder for timely AMC renewals.


Jobs & service request management


AMC contract Management


Checklists & schedules


AMC renewal alerts

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Accounts & Invoicing

The accounting module is an integral aspect that enables businesses to understand their current financial state and prospects. Vital features of this module include tracking accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) thereby managing the general ledger.

Accounts process Automation


Asset management and Cash management


Cash and Tax Management


Accounts payable and receivable


Financial reporting


GST is the biggest tax-related reform in the country bringing uniformity in the taxation structure and eliminating the cascading of taxes that were levied in the past. Now No need to worry about GST Purchase, GST sales, TDS payable and receivable at the month end. Our ERP gives conslidated reports for month end taxation pupose.


GST Purchase reports


GST Sales reports


TDS Payable


TDS Receivable

Field Force Management

Itcanautomatically createlogs,alerts and fence the users based on simple rules.This leads togreater control over the field workforce.Automatic MIS report mails tomanagers for staff,activity,andlocation and Real-time dashboard for multiple users onmultiple levels.


Track labour in real time by tracking the exact spot where it was checked in.


Geofencing attendance system with GPS time tracking thot con be customised


It's ideal for companies with mobile or remote employees


The mobile application is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Embrace innovation and elevate your business

Visitors management

This module enables the front-desk manager to exercise multiple activities eliminating errors from it, thereby savingtime and energy. This includes on-site visit, visitors, visitor pass,and postbox.

Maintain Appointments and Manage Inquiries


Scheduling Upcoming Events/Activities


Visitor Reporting and Follow-up Management


Monitoring & Recording Call Registers


Certificate/Letters Generation


This module streamlines the procurement of required row materials, packaging material, assembly, and other non-inventory materials. It automates processes like identifying suppliers, supplier assessment, supplier quote evaluation, and providing purchase orders to thesupplier followed by the billing processes.

Purchase requisition lifecycle


Purchase order creation and approval


Forecasting and Budgeting


Invoice verification


Vendor Management

Document Management

A centralized repo for all documents allow various departments users to work collaboratively at the same time having enterprise features like access control restricts un-authorized access of documents making the documents more secure.

Accounts process Automation


Safe and Powerful document search


Upload document from various sources


Document security with access control


Alerts of documents expiry

Planner & Notes

Planner Modules help you to organize your dates, planning your client meeting, lead follow-up dates, visits, employee birthdays, office functions etc. Notes module helps you write down tasks to remember, pages to visit, Capture important information in small notes


Lead follow-ups


Client Meeting dates


Meeting Notes


Employee Birthdays

Unleash innovation and surpass your goals!

Ignite Innovation Through Collaboration!

Let your office team & remote team work together

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Benefits Of Smartinfologiks BizSuite - Cloud ERP

With powerful real-time KPI based Interactive dashboards you can view data across your staff
Reports and analytics
Reports powered by filters, sorting, searching, exporting data in multiple format and many more features make SME Suite more advanced
Super fast implementation
Get an enhanced ERP System that is quick to implement and faster to integrate. Get rid of complexity and cost in comparison to the classic on-premise ERP implementation.
SME Suite is highly customizable to all the industries powered by SME Suite backend
24x7 Support
Support is our strength. Our online support portal is 24x7 active on Support Hub as well as our skilled team is always ready to respond to your queries whenever there is a need
Highly responsive and accessible from any device whether you carry a laptop, tablet or mobile, you carry your business anywhere at any point of time at your fingertip
Higher ROI
When the system manages people smoothly, smart brains can focus only on organizational growth strategy and help in reducing TCO which results in higher ROI
Checklist Complains
Smart people have their own way of working, but to work collaboratively they should follow the organizational checklists and compliances, ensuring work delivery on time with quality under the guidelines


Bizsuite ERP FAQs

  • 1.What is an ERP system?
  • 2.Is the ERP software just meant for finance and accounting?
    A lot of organizations adopt ERP for the first time when they understand their entry-level accounting software lacks essential functionality, and scalability and merely isn’t delivering them the visibility they require. But ERP software systems help you control far beyond financial systems. An ERP system like BizSuite is built with applications covering diverse areas such as manufacturing management, distribution logistics, CRM, order management, e-commerce product lifecycle and engineering control, scheduling, inventory and warehouse management.
  • 3.When is the appropriate time to update our ERP system?
    When change is considered, pain is an excellent motivator. It might be taking longer every month to integrate your financials or you’re merely basing forecasts on guesswork. You merely have no idea how much stock you have in hand, so, it’s difficult to be demand-driven. Escalated compliance regulations are hitching you in knots. Mentioned below are a few signs when you need to consider a new ERP software system:
    • Doubled decision time
    • Increase in working capital
    • Redundant, disconnected software programs
    • Satisfying customer experience
  • 4.We don’t understand what we need. Can you help us dictate our ERP requirements?
    Making the right choice is obviously daunting. But it shouldn’t be. If you need any kind of help developing a list of requirements, you should probably find a vendor that knows your industry niche and market trends and possesses customers similar to your business. After you have a list of requirements, you can collect responses and start the comparison process.
  • 5.Which is the best ERP software for our business?
    Indeed, it depends. The needs of process and manufacturing differ. A small business requires different functionality than an intricate one. Your business might have particular compliance demands. And then you must consider general IT issues like ease of use, the total cost of ownership, vendor stability, technology flexibility and ease of implementation. It’s vital to ask your proposed vendor these particular questions so they acknowledge your exceptional requirements.
  • 6.What are the benefits of cloud-based ERP?
    For a lot of companies, shifting their IT infrastructure and software to the cloud eliminates the need for an in-house support structure and saves the costs of server hardware. Cloud-based ERP systems can easily scale functionality and users either up or down as needed. And it can make easier sharing of information crosswise regions or locations. We’re one of a few software providers that delivers flexibility for our customers and still offer on-premise ERP solutions.
  • 7.What is the difference between ERP and MRP?
    Before the advent of ERP, Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software was built to help manufacturers track parts and components o complete orders, and ensure those raw materials were handy to support production demands. MRP expanded and emerged into ERP with the addition of applications to link other areas of the business like finance, sales, and production operations.
  • 8.How can we measure the ROI of implementing ERP software?
    Success, indeed, depends on the goals you desire to achieve. A lot of companies measure ROI in terms of cost and time savings into prospective gridlocks. Some consider the value of minimized risks and enhanced corporate governance. The ROI can be seen in a wide array of departments and processes.
  • 9.What is meant by two-tier ERP?
  • 10.How Smartinfologiks supports the product after implementation?

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