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Plan, Track, Collaborate, Deliver

Transform the way you work with our state-of-the-art project management system, combining planning, tracking, collaboration, and delivery. Effortlessly break down projects, set milestones, and assign responsibilities in an intuitive interface. Real-time tracking, seamless collaboration, and streamlined execution ensure efficient and successful project outcomes.

  • check Effortless project planning and task management
  • check Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • check Ensures on-time delivery, achieving objectives, and exceptional results
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Plan Smart, Execute Strong.

Project planning within a project management system involves setting clear project goals, creating schedules, allocating resources, and establishing milestones to ensure successful project execution and timely delivery.


Plan & schedule your project flow


Allocate necessary resources


Project scope and objectives definition


Synchronized Calendar scheduling


Customizable project views

Track Budgets, Control Expenses

Budgeting and expense tracking facilitates meticulous monitoring of project finances. It encompasses budget creation, expense tracking, and adherence to financial boundaries, ensuring fiscal discipline and cost control throughout project execution.


Expense tracking and reporting


Budget creation and allocation


Budget alerts for potential overruns


Enforce financial constraints.


Real-time analytics for budget reports

Prioritize Tasks, Track Projects Progress

Task management entails proficient task handling, distribution, and monitoring throughout the project lifecycle. It promotes streamlined team collaboration, optimal task prioritization, and timely attainment of project goals.


Task assignment and Allocation


Progress Tracking and Monitoring


Prioritization and Deadline Management


Project Performance Analysis


Project milestone tracking

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Transform Roadblocks into Milestones

Issue manager makes sure that all the obstacles and challenges are identified, addressed, and resolved effectively. By promptly acknowledging and proactively managing issues, project teams can minimize their impact on project timelines.


Identification and categorization


Tracking and resolution


Impact assessment and mitigation


Automated issue notifications


Issue priority ordering

Seamless Sharing, Streamlined Collaboration

Document sharing enables seamless collaboration on project-related documents through a centralized platform, enhancing communication, coordination, and productivity throughout the project.


Centralized document repository


Version control and document history


Access control and permissions management


Document access logs for security


Mobile document access for on-the-go collaboration.

Revolutionize Projects with Dynamic Floor Planning

Floor planning involves strategically organizing team members' workspaces to enhance collaboration and optimize workflow. It ensures efficient space allocation, effective communication, and team coordination.


Strategic arrangement of team members' workspaces


Optimization of task allocation


Monitor progress and track milestones


Floor plan visualization for spatial understanding


Resource allocation on the floor plan for efficient planning.

Track Time, Track Budget, Control Expenses

BizSuite provides insights into tracking budgets, controlling expenses, and optimizing time tracking, thereby, helping managers prioritize better and augment productivity.


Monthly timesheet reports


On-time updates to the clients


Monitor budgets and variances


Effective expense tracking


Streamlined financial management

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Stay Ahead, Stay Agile

Benefits of Project Management System

Streamlined Project Implementation

Streamline project implementation in a strategic approach that optimizes the process of executing projects for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Project implementation

Improved Collaboration and Communication

Lead to better decision-making, quicker issue resolution, and a heightened sense of unity among team members, ultimately contributing to the successful delivery of projects.


Enhanced Resource Utilization

Enhanced resource utilization involves optimizing the allocation and deployment of resources within projects to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Resource Utilization

Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

Real-time visibility and reporting offer invaluable insights by providing up-to-date information on project progress, key metrics, and potential issues.

Real time reporting

Standardized Documentation and Processes

Standardized documentation and processes establish a consistent framework for project execution, ensuring clarity, accountability, and efficiency.

Documentation process
BizSuite Project
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Why Choose BizSuite Project Management?

  • check_circleCentralized Data Management

  • check_circleReal-Time Data Visibility

  • check_circleEffective Resource Allocation

  • check_circleStreamlined Project Workflows

  • check_circleReporting And Analytics


Project Management FAQs

  • 1.What is project management (PM) ERP software?
  • 2.Do you possess project management solutions?
    Of course, the Smartinfologiks project management tool is specifically designed to map out and support processes closed related to ERP. Project management facilitates project-oriented processes in all business fields.
  • 3.What is Gantt Chart in Project Management
    A Gantt Chart is a table that demonstrates the project course and all the components involved. In general, it’s a timeline view of all your upcoming tasks and deadlines
  • 4.What is Risk Management in Project Management?
    Risk Management is the process of reducing any prospective issues that may negatively influence a project’s timetable. Hence, what’s risk management in project management? It’s all about preparing for and managing hindrances and issues that may challenge the success of your project.
  • 5.Does Bizsuite PM operate with real-time data?
    Yes, Smartinfologiks works with real-time data. ERP processes like closing a work order and receiving a purchase order will update the associated project activities.
  • 6.How soon I can start using Bizsuite PM?
    You can start using Smartinfologiks BizSuite project management post installation and training is complete.
  • 7.Can I manage budgets and milestones for different projects at a time?
    With BizSuite PM, you can plan and control resources, budgets, and milestones for different projects and through different departments.Also, monitoring and controlling multiple projects within a framework of multi-project management can swiftly go out of control, especially when individual projects rely on each other or when projects access common resources devoid of appropriate management tools.BizSuite PM makes it easier by making sure visibility within your business processes in every stage of the project.
  • 8.What makes a healthy project management software?
    A sound online project management software is one that is:
    • Customizable, intuitive, and user-friendly
    • Integrates well with your existing work ecosystem
    • Offers amazing customer support
  • 9.What are the compelling benefits of project management software?
  • 10.What are the basic requirements of a project-based company?

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