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Business Challenges

Modern business requirements are agile, versatile and adaptive, this calls for management principles driven by the requisites for cost effective and efficient management, whilst delivering to customers. Central to this understanding and deep interaction with our clients, we present to you BizSuite - Prime. BizSuite stands for Business Management Suite. A highly flexible and efficient Operations Management System.

Putting Business on Auto-Pilot

BizSuite helps businesses from small to SME to large corporates manage all sorts of operations and processes such as starting from sales and leads, inventory, human resources, project management, procurement and purchasing, after sales and services, asset management, etc. With multi branch and warehousing systems BizSuite just fits into your daily routine.

BizSuite does not try to change the way you work, it just fits into your work style and melds into your system to form an extension of your brain. You want it, you got it!. Business is not about today's requirements, it's about what you will need in coming times to manage and grow together while maintaining a profitable base line. BizSuite helps you improve upon just that.

Embrace Profitability with a Complete ERP Suite


How do we cater to your needs

Resource planning for the service industry is driven by an exceptional series of challenges- steering augmentation with profitability, controlling extreme competition, and macro challenges peculiar to the project and people-centric services. With expert services escalating the value chain, organizations need to analyze and predict real-time prerequisites. To attain cost optimization, generate revenue, and turn into a global still retaining the local focus, your enterprise resource planning software must be specific to the needs of the service industry while distinguishing itself with exceptional value-added postulations that help build a successful customer retention and quick turn-around time in servicing their requirements.

Seamless Automation

Automation will help minimize the time spent concerning manual data entry, eliminate errors, and allow employees to emphasize more value-added tasks.

Immaculate Integration

The primary and essential benefit of ERP is a centralized view of financial, operational, and business data that can be shared throughout the organization on a real-time basis.

Pertinent Analytics

Data analytics enable employees to collect a broad range of information and transfer it into actionable insights to optimize present operations, eliminate overheads, identify breaches.

For Your Whole Business

Some of the highlighting features of ERP


Flexible multi dashboard with advanced reports & analytics

Dashboards and Analytics help us in making Data Driven Decisions, BizSuite helps you look at your data in limelight.


Built in knowledge management

Knowledge the source of success, BizSuite lets you collect the sum total of the knowledge generated by your enterprise at center stage, so everyone are empowered.


Built in checklists and compliance system

Checklists helps you track of whats done and what needs to be done. Everyone in your team will always be on top of all tasks because they will know what is to be done at every point of time.


Automated rule based notifications

System should work for us and not the reverse, thus system will notify you whenever there is something you need to checkout. Gone are the days when you had to check, here are the days, system notifies you what needs to be done.


Multi currency & multi language system

Language and Currency should not stop us to work, but help each of us to work more, thus everything in BizSuite follows you, in your language.


Audit trail support

With a centralised, highly scalable architecture BizSuite provides complete data separation & abstraction features on the data for auditing.


Virtual workforce 24x7

BizSuite works with Virtual Assistants & Bots, thus providing you with a virtual workforce that works as an extension for your staff, reducing there clutter of work and increasing overall efficiency.


Powerful integrated client and vendor portal

Integrated Client and Vendor Portal, allows your clients and vendors to work on same platform as you. This takes efficiency to next level.


Big Data supported zero storage limitation

Big Data is here to stay. With growing demands and less time to change, Big Data system allows us to scale both horizontally and vertically in an ergonomic ecosystem.

Benefits Of Smartinfologiks SME Suite - Cloud ERP

With powerful real-time KPI based Interactive dashboards you can view data across your staff
Reports and analytics
Reports powered by filters, sorting, searching, exporting data in multiple format and many more features make SME Suite more advanced
Super fast implementation
Get an enhanced ERP System that is quick to implement and faster to integrate. Get rid of complexity and cost in comparison to the classic on-premise ERP implementation.
SME Suite is highly customizable to all the industries powered by SME Suite backend
24x7 Support
Support is our strength. Our online support portal is 24x7 active on Support Hub as well as our skilled team is always ready to respond to your queries whenever there is a need
Highly responsive and accessible from any device whether you carry a laptop, tablet or mobile, you carry your business anywhere at any point of time at your fingertip
Higher ROI
When the system manages people smoothly, smart brains can focus only on organizational growth strategy and help in reducing TCO which results in higher ROI
Checklist Complains
Smart people have their own way of working, but to work collaboratively they should follow the organizational checklists and compliances, ensuring work delivery on time with quality under the guidelines


Client Testimonial

“ The team at SmartinfoLogiks are very hardworking and committed to the projects they take on. “.

Rina Nathani

Founder-CEO of FindURclass

“ SmartinfoLogiks is the the epitome of the innovation.“

L.R. Mahapatra

Director-Apple Energy

“ Smartinfologiks team is a thinking team that helped us give shape to our web vision.“

Debadutta Upadhyaya

CEO of TimeSaverz

Our Clients

SME Suite FAQs

  • 1.What is an ERP system?
  • 2.How much does a custom ERP system cost?
    The cost depends on varying factors including the amount and complexity of feature, app design, number of users operating the software/application, time spent to develop the system, etc.
  • 3.How is ERP suitable for SMBs?
    SMBs are fast adopting the latest IT business solutions, businesses failing to keep up the pace will be left behind. With this in mind, we help SMBs implement an ERP solution with minimal investment.
  • 4.How does Smartinfologiks support the product post-implementation?
    We provide on-time, on-target support to all our clients irrespective of their location. You can connect with us through your real-time servers for support and maintenance.
  • 5. How can you help me with local SEO?
    Local SEO is one of our prime niches and we have assisted numerous local businesses to sustain the top spot on local search engines. We promote discussion about your local SEO needs and we’re more than happy to serve you.
  • 6.Do you offer ERP training to employees?
    Indeed, as a necessary step of the implementation strategy, we provide training to your employees. We also offer training programs to new employees and educate them on how to effectively use the ERP systems for business objectives.
  • 7.What are ROI and payback potential?
    To ensure swift ROI, we have a proven implementation methodology as a decade year old ERP software development company.
  • 8.How can ERP enhance enterprise performance management?
    It can improve a business’s performance by effective planning, scheduling resources, and optimizing productivity. ERP also offers data visibility to customers and vendors, enabling them to view data on a real-time basis and enhance business relationships.
  • 9.Is ERP software meant for merely big players?
  • 10. Can I migrate data from my current system to a new ERP solution?

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