BIS - Battery Insights

During the lifetime of a battery, its performance or "health" tends to deteriorate gradually due to irreversible physical and chemical changes which take place with usage and with age until eventually the battery is no longer usable or dead. So there are many varieties of battery testers are available in the market to measure the battery performance which produces lots of information about a battery. We believe battery management is a problem rooted in visualization of the those test data. We strive to make acquiring and analyzing this data painless. Because we automatically capture everything and let you visualize events after-the-fact, anyone can start analyzing in minutes.

Highlighting Features :

  • Zero Setup Required, Just enroll and start using.
  • Automatic Tester Kit Listing and activity tracker.
  • Battery Test Summary and analysis available under fingertips in Real time.
  • Highly integrable, BIS takes in Secondary Sales Data as import.
  • Enterprise Grade Security with full ACL/Role Control System for Users.
  • Advanced analytic reports that give you insights about your Battery Ecosystem in Real time.
  • Test history for a single battery over the period of its life at a single spot.