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HRMS or human resource management system is a sophisticated software solution developed to streamline and automate different HR functions within an organization. It acts as a centralized platform for managing employee data, administrating payroll and benefits, tracking attendance and time-off, enabling performance management and supporting talent development activities.

  • Check Manage employee info, performance, and training with ease.
  • Check Automate payroll calculations and tax deductions.
  • Check Simplify recruitment and onboarding processes.
  • Check Efficiently handle leave and absence management.
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Comprehensive Recruitment CV Screening

Level up your recruitment game with human resource management software coupled with automated application tracking, that helps you easily track and manage your entire recruitment process.


Minimal time-to-fill


Import and export data


AI-powered recruiting assistant


Multi-channel candidate sourcing


Schedule interviews with just a tap


Attendance & Leave Processing

Manage daily holidays and the presence of employees. Eliminate paperwork and start using automated processes to manage daily records and prevent project escalations.


Leave Application processing


Integrated payroll and invoice feature


Leave and attendance reports


Smart check-in and checkout feature


Track leave and attendance

Structured Employee Life Cycle Management

Managed HR services that support your firm throughout the entire employee life cycle. From recruitment through alumni management.


Efficient Recruiting & Onboarding


Employee Administration & Development


Performance Management


Compensaion Adminsitration


Alumni management

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360 Degree Performance Evaluation

Leverage employees' comprehensive performance and culture feedback from self-evaluation and also from those who work around them.


Communicating the 360-degree performance review


A comprehensive view of the employees’ performance


Measures behaviours associated with job performance


Flexible and personalized feedback tool


Comprehensive competency framework

Grievance Management for Effective Resolution

Grievance management system to promptly and fairly acknowledge employee concerns. Doing so can help organizations prevent conflicts from escalating and promote a healthy and harmonious work environment.


Improved HR service experience


Standardized interaction and documentation


Self-serve alternative for employees to contact HR


Swift access to organizational knowledge resources


Minimized turnaround time for inquiries and requests

Payroll Management in Sync

A complete payroll management solution that automatically calculates salaries, taxes, deductions, shares payslips, and performs all other relevant activities.


Flexible tax filings


Statutory compliance


Payroll model and processing


Automated payslip generation


Personalize payroll model for every designation and employee

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Elevating Human Resources Efficiency

Benefits of HRMS

Efficient Recruitment Process

HRMS streamlines the recruitment process by managing job postings, applicant tracking, and candidate evaluations, resulting in faster hiring and better candidate selection.

Accurate Payroll Management

Calculates employee salaries based on predefined rules, ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing while minimizing payroll-related errors.

Advanced Performance Monitoring

HRMS provides tools for setting goals, conducting performance reviews, and tracking employee progress, aiding in performance management and improvement.

Leave and Attendance Tracking

Simplify leave management and attendance tracking, allowing employees to request leaves online and supervisors to manage approvals efficiently.

Seamless Onboarding

It facilitates a smooth onboarding experience for new employees, guiding them through necessary paperwork and orientation materials.

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Why Choose BizSuite HRMS?

  • check_circleComprehensive Employee Data Management

  • check_circleEnhanced Reporting and Analytics

  • check_circleExcellent Customer Support

  • check_circleEmployee Self-Service Portal

  • check_circleUser Permissions and Security

  • check_circleHighly Scalable & Customizable


Human Resource Management System FAQs

  • 1.What is HRMS?
  • 2.Which HR processes can be mechanized?
    Right from onboarding to offboarding, the majority of the HR processes can be automated. Other processes such as attendance & leave management, payroll processes, performance management, employee training management, etc. can also be automated.
  • 3.How about the security of HRMS software?
    Data security is a priority when choosing HR software. Researching before concluding will be fruitful. HR software for small and large entrepreneurs will eliminate the mundane task of misplaced or leaked data. Hence, HR software is the best and preferred choice as it will digitally store the data in the cloud thereby ensuring data security.
  • 4.Why there’s a need to automate HR processes?
    Manual entries of attendance or expense management may cause errors or misleading entries. Automation of these processes reduces human errors and assists in the smooth functioning of the firm.
  • 5.How can HR recruit candidates using the recruitment management system?
    The majority of the recruitment management systems are inbuilt with ATS (applicant tracking system). This enables an organization to gather information by sorting the right candidate based on their experiences, employee performance reviews, skill sets, etc.
  • 6.Does the HR software support remote working?
    Not all HR software is supportive of remote working. But the outbreak of the pandemic forced the organization to adopt a remote or hybrid working culture. Hence, Bizsuite HRMS is one such leading software that supports both remote and hybrid work cultures thereby ensuring an organized approach.
  • 7.Is the HR software customizable?
    Indeed, Most HR software is customizable and businesses can personalize the software as per their requirements.
  • 8.What sort of expenses can be traced?
    Expense management software simplifies and solves the issues related to finance, reviewing, tracking, approving, and reimbursement of employee expenses. The software can help track expenses related to medical, travel, accommodation, and business expenses including rent, office supplies, software purchases, salaries, etc.
  • 9.Can I get a demo of this HRMS?
  • 10.Which type of companies can use HR software?

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