MonitorBEE - Real time Device Telemetry

This is the age of Internet of Things. IoT and IIoT has become a common word for today's industry. With all these colossal no of devices with even more versatile communication models working, the need of real time communication has become paramount. There need not be a gap between business process and analysis of diverse data collected.

MonitorBEE puts real time communication, feedback loop and metadata processing to generate real time business process integration at the centre. With MonitorBEE, Smart Devices and Not So Smart Devices (legacy devices) can connect to each other and 3rd party processes seamlessly and in real time. Monitor Devices, process incoming and outgoing data, trigger device actions or raise alerts and events, everything and more all in real time ensuring reliability, availability, and performance of all connected devices.

One Solution for Connected IoT Ecosystem

MonitorBEE is built hybrid multi cloud micro service architecture for leveraging best of all technologies and to provide you with one integrated ecosystem of devices. Today's IIoT projects work with a plethora of protocols from Old-school SCADA protocols to MQTT, REST, NFC, AMQP, RFID, ZigBee etc. Multi Device Protocol Management is built into MonitorBEE and its gateways and agents and more ..., in true sense a Global monitoring platform

Highlighting Features :

  • Real-time telemetry.
  • Act on IoT data instantly.
  • Actionable System KPIs.
  • Real time Alerts from your devices.
  • Enterprise grade security for IoT.
  • Cross-device and platform messaging for IoT.
  • Device Tree.
  • Device Monitoring Dashboard.
Device Automation platform