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Sales & Service Management

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Sales & Service Management

One of our client has a wide range of products (thousands) spread across many geographical regions. As expected they have a large sales team working together in various workflows. By leveraging cloud based technologies with Datalytics platform, they are working in real time with accelerated profitability and growth.

It is reducing the workload on the regional managers by helping in managing their agents tasks & help the agents to report to their respective team manager from anywhere. Since it is fully offline capable, they don't even need internet always to perform their tasks efficiently. By stream lining their sales people work, min 30% - 40% operational efficiency they have achieved. Agents can always be in contact with their managers & geo based tracking helps the managers to know their agents location at any point of time. Agents tasks are fully streamlined now in their organisation with the mobile application & performance of agents are available at any point of time to the respective managers by just a few clicks on the web console on the fly. Easily customizable dashboards made the sales managers to be more productive by helping them to take informative sales decision.

Sales Agent & Leads Management

Prepped for an agents lifestyle, the dashboard tells agent the current lead status, targets for the day and month. Helps to evaluate work performance and compare them across timeline for self awareness

Automatic Latest announcement & notification keeps you updated with change in requirements, company policies or call for action. 'No need to worry, what to reply when your managers questions you, they already know'


  • Personal dashboard
  • Agents can view their works across different heads on a single screen.
  • Checkout their performance calendar
  • Instant communication system
  • Data Privacy, your leads are yours to track. Manager can see what you are upto.
Lead Manager
Task Manager

Service Task Management

Service management and tracking is a deep headache which management does not need to bear any more. Service Tasks across organisation are simplified and managed with ease of just a mobile.

  • Custom Service types
  • Automated Service allocation
  • Client notification of service status
  • Centralized view of all Service Task information
  • Location based service tasks
  • Accurate reports
Admin Panel

Simple Admin

Admin simplified your mundane task of management and routines by automation. No more manual exports, automatic integrations can take care of that for you. Automatic alert systems keeps you on the heels always. It keeps everybody alerted.

  • Company wide announcements
  • User Performance analysis
  • Alert and notification automation
  • Advanced data integration
  • Easy User and policy management
  • Zero time to market
Visiter List

Logging, Alerting, Fencing and Rules

Datalytics can automatically create logs, alerts and fence the users based on simple rules. This leads to greater control over the data you generate and people who generate the data.

  • Auto Activity Logging
  • Real Time track users on Map
  • Geo fence users with data to location
  • Simple alert rules keeps you up and running in no time

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