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Our esteemed client serves as an authorized Business Correspondent to numerous esteemed Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies across India. Demonstrating a commendable track record, they are committed to extending microloans within SHG/JLG frameworks, delivering credit-linked insurance, and facilitating individual and group-based savings accounts at members' doorsteps on behalf of esteemed banking partners. Aligned with a firm commitment to elevate livelihood opportunities, the company has consistently demonstrated excellence in providing responsible and sustainable financial products and services.

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Accurate Real-Time Data Representation

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Improvement in Role Based Data Access Customization

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Reduction in Time Required for Audit Tracking



Our client, equipped with extensive financial data, sought a monitoring system that could operate across various hierarchical levels and facilitate the audit of their employees. The challenges included managing diverse data sources, ensuring accurate monitoring at multiple organizational levels, and addressing the intricacies of employee auditing. Thus, an Analytics system capable of meeting specific requirements and addressing the unique complexities associated with the Fintech Industry was needed.

  • Manoeuvring Data

    Managing an extensive volume of financial data posed challenges in extracting actionable insights, particularly in monitoring varying amounts effectively. Consequently, overseeing financial records became impractical.

  • Auditing Employee Activities

    As their workforce continues to grow, overseeing activities at different levels becomes a complex task, highlighting the necessity for a monitoring system to audit employee activities.

  • Hierarchical Analysing

    : Designing a data access system where users at various hierarchical levels require tailored access to specific data, ensuring each level obtains relevant information aligned with their role and responsibilities.

  • Real-time Decision Pressure

    With today’s need for instant decision-making in the financial landscape, the challenge of processing and analysing real time data arose


By leveraging cutting-edge analytics and reporting functionalities, our platform provided FinTech Analytics solutions for maneuvering extensive financial data, auditing employee activities, and enabling hierarchical analysis. The robust features of the platform empowered our client to extract meaningful insights, streamline monitoring processes, and enhance transparency across organizational levels, ultimately revolutionizing their approach to data-driven decision-making in the dynamic landscape of financial services.

Interactive Dashboard for Streamlined Data Visualization

The platform fostered seamless communication and collaboration among cross-functional teams. Discussion threads, file-sharing capabilities, and integrated messaging tools promoted effective information exchange.


Granular Insights through Drill-Down Reports

Beyond the initial overview, Analytics 101 empowered users to delve deeper into specific data points by seamlessly transitioning into drill-down reports. This granular exploration provided context and deeper insights into individual transactions, trends, and anomalies.

Enhanced Monitoring and Accountability Across Organizational Levels

Implementing a comprehensive analytics solution like Analytics 101 empowered the organization to effectively monitor employee activities across different hierarchical levels. Through Analytics 101, they gained the ability to track login details of each user, monitor specific activities, and even ascertain the geographical location associated with each action.


Unified Audit Data Platform

Our platform consolidated audit data from various sources into a single, unified platform, providing a holistic view of employee activities. This eliminated the need to manually gather and analyze data from disparate systems, streamlining the auditing process and reducing the risk of errors.

Customizable Data Access Framework for Tailored Visibility

Our platform proved to be exceptional for providing a flexible and scalable data access framework that empowers organizations to tailor data visibility to specific user roles and hierarchies. The platform's customizable environment variables allow for granular control over data access, ensuring that each user sees only the information relevant to their role and responsibilities.


Robust RBAC System for Data Security and User-Specific Filtering

Analytics 101 implements a robust RBAC system, enabling administrators to define specific access permissions for different user roles. This ensures that users only have access to the data they need to perform their job duties, protecting sensitive information and maintaining data integrity. Additionally, provision of advanced user filters that allow users to refine their data views based on specific criteria. This filtering capability enhances the ability to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies relevant to each user's role.

Key Benefits


Role-Aligned Data Access

Analytics 101 introduced customized environment variables, ensuring users at various levels access tailored information aligned with their roles, fostering efficient data management.


Tailored Monitoring Filters

Our platform streamlined monitoring processes, offering user-specific filters for reports. This enhanced transparency and accountability, easing the complexities associated with overseeing diverse employee activities.


Advanced Data Visualization

Interactive dashboards and drill-down reports condensed extensive data into easily digestible visualizations, enabling effortless tracking of key metrics and identification of trends. This streamlined data exploration empowered organizations to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.


Simplified Hierarchical Analysis

Analytics 101 provided a user-friendly platform for hierarchical analysis, simplifying the process of accessing, analyzing, and sharing data across diverse hierarchical levels.


Precise Decision-Making Insights

Our platform’s tailored environment variables and customized reports empowered decision-makers to derive precise insights, facilitating informed and strategic decision-making in the dynamic landscape of financial services.

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