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Smart Crowd Analytics

Smart Crowd Analytics

End-to-End Crowd Analytics Solution

Drive Efficiency & Profitability With Real-Time Crowd Analytics

Our Smart Crowd Analytical engine is an AI and ML powered advanced and automated crowd analytics engine. The data collected via various means such as video cameras, sensors, smartphone beacons, LED displays, Standees and much more involving the movement and behavior of the crowd in particular area helps to build strong strategic analytics in terms of service delivery, marketing, sales and site selection for businesses, resulting in optimized revenue generation. The crowd analytics market size is expanding day by day, proving to have vast potential and opportunities, let's together find out what and how you can benefit with it.

Advanced and Automated Crowd Analytics Engine



Smart crowd analytical engine collects data and drives insightful information out of the moving crowd of people in any particular area.



Data collected from various hardware such as cameras, sensors & displays is aggregated and simultaneously converted into useful content.



With data feed the client can monitor actionable data over various business intelligence platforms and make informative decisions.


Simplifying Crowd Surveillance & object detection to enhance quality of service and public safety.

Monitoring typical & peak occupancy levels and identify overcrowding, bottlenecks & usage rates.

Leverage benefits of object detection, predict age, color, gender, behavior & other traits of individuals.

Aggregate road cameras feed into efficient models that can contribute to smarter traffic regulation & management.

Monitor & identify theft, suspects or objects & trigger automatic alarms in emergencies, thereby ensuring public safety.

How does it work?

Smart Camera

Smart Camera

Behaviour & Pattern

Behaviour & Pattern

Data Analysis

Data Analysis &

Actionable Business Intelligence

Actionable Business

Smart Camera Vision

Camera with a broad field of view helps get a holistic view of an area of interest, we can know where the crowd is moving and recognize patterns.


Behaviour & Pattern Recognition

Recognize Occupancies and densities in specific areas, and utilize their behavior and traits to conduct crowd flow analysis for valuable insights.


Data Analysis & Visualization

With data feed the client can monitor actionable data over various business intelligence platforms and make informative decisions.


Actionable Predictive Intelligence

Real-time KPI dashboards for showcasing live data & data feeds from various APIs, historical reports & other tools to produce even richer insights.


Case Studies

Consumer analysis in Retail Industry

Consumer analysis in Retail Industry

With Crowd Analytics you can interpret data fetched by analyzing the free and organic movement of customers in the retail stores. By detecting human presence and characteristics such as age, hair color, clothes we can improve their shopping experience and make them feel exclusive and indispensable.

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Traffic Management & Public Safety

Traffic Management & Public Safety

Crowd Analytics can help implement surveillance and intelligent traffic management systems.It can be used to leverage crowd control and traffic congestion, track theft events, identify suspect individuals or objects and trigger automatic alarms in emergency situations, hence ensuring public safety too.

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