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Our Approach to Solution Architecture Consulting

Cloud computing and service applications led to the emergence of new industry trends and opportunities. While change is always imminent, You can anticipate exceptional difficulties and complexities in the digital landscape of an institution by resolving it and avoiding unsatisfying results which are stated as an outcome of failed enterprise solutions.

Smartinfologiks possess an extensive experience in terms of solution designing and architecture.

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How do we cater to your needs

solution architecture assessments

Analyze the current solution landscape with a fresh perspective and make objective assessments of your entire environment to offer recommendations

solution architect definitions

Produce the SAD outlining the architecture required to implement solutions that meet business requirements

enterprise architecture

Develop current and target state enterprise architecture and blueprints to support your business strategy and transformation needs

solutions and product evaluations

Conduct solutions and product evaluation and provide recommendations to suit your business and IT strategy

technology consulting

Provide guidance on best practices and guidance to ensure your business solutions are designed to be robust, efficient and secure from ground-up

architecture roadmaps

Develop roadmaps for current, target and transition architectures to action the business vision goals

business transformations strategy and planning

Support your business strategy development and transformation planning needs.

start-ups assistance

We help startups with ideal architecture recommendation which includes scalability, security, ideal technology stack considerations, product/service roadmap planning

implement architectural frameworks and tools

Analyse your current solution landscape with a fresh perspective and make objective assessments of your entire environment.

How is it Done?

Why Choose Us

Smartinfologiks aims to provide the experience and expertise necessary to help you design and implement Trusted Platforms and guide you to successful implementation.

Our expert team of Solution and Enterprise Architects have been handpicked to reflect our approach to architecture and consulting style. This is our value proposition and what makes us different

Our experienced experts are able to assess your unique requirements and recommend which solution elements are best for your development.

Speedy feedback collection and pre-requisites management with a strong and analytical project team to make certain the architecture’s transformation.

Our solution architecture consultants provide you with the minimum viable product and feature roadmap for your solution.

Expert Technical Consultants provide planning, design and integration services across a range of Technology platforms.

Strategic Consulting for Effective Solutions

  • 1.What is a solution architect?
  • 2.What differentiates solution architecture from enterprise architecture?
    Though they’re interdependent and abide by the same goal- which creates value for a business using an apt technology- solution architecture and enterprise architecture emphasize different tasks and requires different skill sets. EA is concerned with the lifecycle of applications and defining IT strategies. While SA ensures technical architects successfully implement new IT solution that streamlines business needs.
  • 3.What are some essential perks of solution architecture?
    The most compelling list of benefits includes:
    • Technology Value & Requirement
    • Business Goals
    • Target Date
    • Increased ROI
    • Market Opportunity
    • Budget & resourcing
    • Project Timeline
  • 4.Why do I need solution architecture?
    Ever imagined why IT projects fail? Because of the drastically changing and challenging technology environment, organizations need to transform their processes and systems to live up to new and evolving business requirements. Solution architecture is one such practice required before any tech stack is implemented within an organization.
  • 5.What are some vital features of solution architecture?
    The key features of solution architecture include:
    • Matching solutions with the corporate environment
    • Meeting shareholders requirements
    • Accounting for project constraints
    • Choosing the right project technology stack
    • Compliance with non-functional prerequisites.
  • 6.What should integrate a solution architecture?
    Solution architecture is the detailed and structured description of multiple features, processes, and solution behaviour. It’s the bottom line that defines, delivers, manages, and operates the entire development process of the solution. It pinpoints the options of the solutions and their elements.
  • 7.Why Smartinfologiks for solution architecture consulting services?
    Some compelling perks include:
    • Strategic Alignment
    • Managing Complexity
    • Process Enhancement & Capability
    • Driving Innovation
    • Optimized Cost & ROI
    • Flexibility & Standardization
  • 8.What are some essential perks of employing SA?
    Legacy app migration is not a straightforward process and it might mislead without proper planning, preparation, and implementation. A business yield fruitful results when it associates with technology experts to find a migration strategy and then abide by the best practices to execute the same.
  • 9.What is the role of enterprise architecture?
  • 10.What is the role of a solution architect in Smartinfologiks?

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