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BEEConnect - IoT Platform

IoT - "Internet Of Things" has a massive implications on nearly every industry. It is the third wave of development in the internet age. Forecasts shows an expected Internet of Things universe with between 20 and 30 billion connected devices by 2020. 88 percent of companies credit IoT as critical to their success. So it is the next logical move for every business.

IoT provides huge amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. This data can be converted into actionable insights using Big Data, Analytics and ML. The integration of ML with IoT helps in areas where large volume of data can be generated from sensors capable of registering devices, locations, voices, faces, audio, temperature, sentiment, health and many more resulting in object detection, image recognition, forecasting, predictive maintenance, and business process optimization, among others.

BEEConnect is the bridge between the IoT and its practises with Business and its process using cutting edge innovations like Cloud, IoT, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed reality. Connected Devices are bringing in new set of Business Transformation which would be magical a decade back.

BEEConnect platform addresses six fundamental categories of device management:

  • Provisioning and authentication

  • Configuration and control

  • Monitoring and diagnostics

  • Telemetry and analytics

  • Software updates and maintenance

  • Device Lifecycle Management

These are the fundamental functions of remote device management. All of these functions are fundamental and critical to the success of any IoT implementation. BEEConnect enables you to manage, configure, monitor, update and troubleshoot your gateways, sensors, and devices remotely. It supports the most common device-management protocols out of the box. It includes plugable architecture for adding new features to the Platform for your specific use case.

Use Cases

  • Device auto detection & monitoring

  • Energy Monitoring Solution

  • Supply chain & Delivery automation

  • Manufacturing Automation

  • Smart City solution

Delivering IOT solution using Smartinfologik's BEEConnect Platform

Share your challenges with us & we will help you to know, how BEEConnect will fit to your business



Complete IOT Solution for Securely monitor, control and analyse Internet-connected devices.

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