How SmartinfoLogik's BizSuite Delivers Business value to Schools Industry

Business Challenges

Even though we are in an era of automation & online education system, still there are many educational institutions are running either on pen & paper or they are highly unsatisfied with the management software they are using as they are either not getting some basic features or support from the providers. Parents are worried about their kids safety as well as educations because still there is a communication gap between the school & parents. Institution administrators are overburdened with managing the hassles of administrative processes & educators are getting more busy in managing the comprehensive subjects & complex exam patterns. On the process of constant interaction with parents, schools, we found out that some of the basic features should have been there in a school management software. So here we present BizSuite School Application, a highly customisable & efficient school management system.

BizSuite School Application's Solution

We provide cross-platform tailored solution to entire schools industry which increases education quality by helping educator to more focus on the students & helps managerial bodies to efficiently manage students information & reduces the stress from parents by bridging the communication gap supported by emails/alerts/notifications & realtime involvement through our specially designed chatbots. BizSuite School Application system is capable of running small, medium & large educational organisations supported by its robust student information system(SIS), CRM, Finance, Accounting, Dashboard & interactive powerful analytics features.