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Predictive Analytics

Embark upon prospective risks by analyzing data and creating analytics models to predict upcoming results and stimulate development.

loT Analytics

Businesses can get the most out of their IoT data, which may lead to better decisions, more efficient operations, and higher customer satisfaction.

AI/ML Analytics

Identify peculiarities that help predict security issues and automate the processes powered by AI and ML-driven advancements.

Big Data Analytics

Empower organizations to find, organize, and clean model data for drawing valuable and business-centric apprehensions to navigate new opportunities.

Beyond Limits: Unleashing the Power of Advanced Analytics

Unleash powerful insights into Advanced Analytics Solution. The complexity and precipitous amplification of data encountered by organizations are unprecedented. The need to straighten up and sail through them is realistic. Here, data Analytics and AI have paved the way to a new arena of possibilities. You cannot mobilize an organization’s fragmented and mediocre data. The data processes need to be reimagined for better transparency, trustworthiness, and accessibility at a more incredible speed. This data then can be utilized to boost your technology and AI investments. Smartinfologiks data analytics solutions can help institutions develop and distinguish themselves from other businesses. Our identification of use cases allows us to crunch the data and serve a platter of data sciences solutions with the right talent pool and technologies suitable to your needs. Leverage your data models with advanced statistical modeling to escalate performance, and maturation.

In-Depth Insights: Our Comprehensive Analytics Solutions

Our Advanced Analytics Services


Embedded in App

We can help transform your raw data reports into effortless graphical presentations for better decision-making through apt data and analytics strategy. Embrace novel specimens, acquire insights into data trends, and detect bugs throughout the processes to advance your ROI.


Advanced Analytics Blueprint

An insight into the past and present business data can help you execute plans. We process your data to help grow your business. Our statistical analysis approach and predictive models can help you prognosticate future trends, expect perils associated, and resolve issues.


Data Validation

You can earn infinite revenue through your data reserves! Unlock new income avenues through data monetization. A pathway to information and opportunities can help you navigate and improve your internal data value. Leverage the benefits of your data for your business.


Big Data Services & Machine Learning

Big Data and Machine learning tools can help forecast and track your business on a real-time basis. Unblemished data-driven operations at your fingertips! We can help strengthen innovativeness in terms of products, services, and technology solution.


Analytics Support

Analytics support can offer useful insights that can assist organisations in identifying new possibilities, boosting their operations, and staying competitive with the correct tools and knowledge.


Data Transformation

Businesses from all sectors are aware that data has the ability to boost productivity and produce income, whether it pertains to information on consumer behaviour, internal operations, or supply chains. Businesses may get a tonne out of their data.

Our Process

Advanced analytics refers to the examination of data using sophisticated methods to predict future trends and events. Large data sets are examined using cutting-edge techniques including machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as a variety of statistical analysis and algorithms. Finding patterns and deeper insights that go beyond conventional BI is the aim. We follow a procedure to implement analytics. Helping You Every Step With Data Analytics Services and Solutions. We are at your service to drive self-servicing data prep and yield greater ROI.

Define Data

We will dentify the problem or query that the data analysis will answer and recognize the objectives coupled with the relevant parties involved.

Data Collection

Once the problem is defined, Data is collected from multiple sources The process of data collection is accurate, precise and transparent

Data Preparation

Data must be transformed into an analysis-ready format and this might require removing outliers, abridging data gaps, and standardizing data.

Data Analysis

Data is analyzed using multiple methods and tools to find patterns and insights and the techniques included are Machine learning, regression analysis etc.

Insight Production & Elucidation

The insights are generated from data analysis which can be used to optimize performance and increase efficiency.


To meet the business objectives, the insights are integrated into the company’s operations and the progress is monitored and evaluated

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Benefits of Smartinfologiks Advance Analytics Services

Improved Prioritization
Advanced analytics offers your business the potential and an all-inclusive understanding of the market scenario by presenting the same information in a formulated and precise fashion enabling quick data interpretation and immediate response. Thereby, allowing businesses to make timely, efficient, and informed decisions.
Enhanced Dexterity and Response Time
For businesses to survive the present market scenario they need to tighten their seat belts for unwanted circumstances and ensure quick response. Advanced analytics predict events helping businesses to expect upcoming changes and respond to the market conditions. Hence, businesses turn proactive, act dynamically as a market, and are positioned optimistically to capitalize on better opportunities and boost revenue, profits, etc.
Greater ROI
With enhanced decision-making capability; accuracy and quick response-time are handy. This allows businesses to invest their time significantly in efficient planning and expect soaring ROI. Besides, data warehousing helps an organization streamline its processes, act effectively, reduce overall costs, and increase revenue.
Consumer Retention & Satisfaction
Digital transformation is extremely essential to identifying emerging consumer demands and understanding consumer behavior. This allows for effective responding and adapting to changing consumer trends. Additionally; advanced analytics enables greater consumer satisfaction by enhancing the business’s consumer retention rate.
Sensitivity to Unanticipated Events
Advanced analytics allow businesses to serve different speculative data marts to understand what each condition can lead to. This helps business to deal with any unexpected uncertainties in the market.

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Advanced Analytics FAQs

  • 1.When should an enterprise deploy/adopt an analytics strategy?
  • 2.Does data analytics result in cost optimization?
    By systematically leveraging data analytics and creating a dynamic connected data ecosystem, firms can count on better, smarter, and faster data insights to minimize operational costs and boost revenue. Data management also helps reduce redundant costs and efforts while dealing with inherent data complexities, inefficiencies, and gaps at the root levels. Organizations can streamline the overall business processes by enhancing ROI and customer-centric approach, improving CX, and optimizing expenditures on board.
  • 3.How will Smartinfologiks' advanced analytics team assist in creating industry context-sentitive models?
    We believe that domain expertise is one of the leading skills, apart from technical skills, and knowledge stack necessary for efficient data scientists. Undoubtedly, data scientists must be able to support a particular specialist area, he/she requires a deep level of industry-specific understanding, business metrics, macro and micro levers and indeed, a sturdy impulse of leading and lingering indicators.
  • 4.How challenging is it to iterate analytics output in business workflows?
    For businesses to seamlessly integrate analytics output in their existing workflows, Smartinfologiks serve:
    • Tailormade reports and dashboards for varying business users offered on a preverified schedule or triggered by centric events
    • Robust reports and configurable dashboards with the potential to penetrate, pivot, and filter data for in-depth analysis
    • A self-service analytics system with secured role-defined access.
  • 5.Why there’s a need for data analytics if we possess high customer loyalty and profitability?
    Customers’ needs are ever-increasing, even in traditionally set, relationship-driven, and domain expertise-based organizations. In B2B relationships, it’s beyond selling science or retaining existing accounts. It’s more about selling, consulting on the business prospect, emerging trends, and threats as well as being a sturdy data and insight associate for your clients.
  • 6.How do data analytics projects kick start in the absence of quality data?
    Smartinfologiks’ Analytics as a SaaS approach is pedestal on the 5D model. Data curation and baselining are the key points for engagement. It gets involved with pertinent shareholders in an organized manner through the data to intelligence to affect the journey. Smartinfologiks is known for delivering enterprise-class analytics, set ups, and managing all the necessary components from data warehousing, ELT, OLAP, to reporting and dashboarding.
  • 7.Is data analytics successful in enhancing the existing security levels?
    Smartinfologiks possesses deep domain expertise and proven experience throughout the ends of this equation. The company is well-equipped to understand the fact that data security concerns do accentuate while operating through diverse datasets in large-scale data warehousing. We believe in creating multi-tier secure systems concerning access controls and secure data networks, be it on a cloud or on-premise basis.
  • 8.How soon a business can witness results? What’s the cost of implementation?
    Data analytics is driven by a strong data culture embedded with a strategic decisions. An ap data and analysis method will allow organizations to drive impactful forecasts affordably and scalably. On the contrary, the implementation cost may vary as per the degree of complexities of data resources and underlying data framework.
  • 9.How will the analytics journey end? What are some suggestions on the analytics journey?
  • 10. Can I migrate data from my current system to a new ERP solution?

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