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Leverage Custom Web App Development with a Simple Ideology. Smartinfologiks is recognized for providing user-friendly web application development services. Our highly experienced and trained experts deliver end-to-end web-based software solutions, e-Commerce solutions, digital solutions, CMS web development, web portal development, enterprise web development, etc.

Our ardent and committed web developers using avant-garde technology deliver web application development services for startups, SMEs and large corporates.

Advanced Web App Development Services

Impeccable Web Application Development Services along with
comprehensive web app development solutions and web technologies from a renowned software development organization.


Custom Web
app development

Right from dynamic landing pages to perplexing customized web apps,
our web app development enthusiasts create custom websites to streamline business endeavors.


Technology Consulting

We are reliable web development associate committed to offering basic understanding and domain knowledge
making certain that you leverage our services with sound ROI.


Enterprise Web App Development

Our developers are proficient enough to develop secure, robust, and sophisticated web applications.
Get your hands on custom enterprise web app development services today!


Web Portal Development

Our years of expertise in web app development can build web-based software
availing functionalities and content for your B2B and B2C businesses respectively.


CMS Web Development

Using foolproof technologies and keeping up the pace with advanced industry trends,
we offer SEO-optimized, user-friendly, and cutting-edge websites for our esteemed clients.


E-commerce Web Apps

Our team is proficient enough and well-versed with Microsoft
and other open source technologies such as
ASP, PHP, Java, and Javascript to create full-service web apps.


Web Apps Reengineering

We will analyze, and modify existing products and reconstruct them to give them a new form.
An ongoing process ensuring efficiency, adaptability, and maintenance.


Analytic Web Apps

Application analytics to track the performance of web, mobile, and desktop applications
to scale the effectiveness and success enabling monitoring of bug fixes.

Normalized Database and Robust Framework Offering Web Technologies

Choose the right engagement model


Fixed Priced Model

  • It is suitable for short and small projects with well-versed and defined prerequisites.
  • No Price Fluctuations – The customer knows from the beginning how much he needs to spend & the vendor company needs to follow strictly the timeline as scope & time are fixed
  • According to the fixed cost project model, the price for developers’ work is stable if there is a detailed specification. Once the agreement is assigned, there is a strict deadline for the project delivery.

Time & Material Model

  • It’s the best model for medium to large projects specifically comprising longer duration which implies vital flexibility related to the requirements.
  • Uncertainty in project requirements is effectively handled.
  • Scalable cost management and easy timeline modification.

Dedicated Team Model

  • A dedicated team model including the client, the company, employees as well as the testing team and developers.
  • Hiring a dedicated team from an outsourcing software development company is much cheaper than recruiting in-house resources.
  • No training and hiring costs, and it is easy to scale the team.

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Web App Development Process at Smartinfologiks

Regardless of location or industry, smartphones are now a part of every household, every workplace, and every individual. Even the most established brands now recognise that interacting with consumers on their smartphones and other mobile devices, such as tablets, is the most efficient method to attract their attention, generate interest in the brand, and encourage them to make a purchase.Business are unsure of how to build an app for their company. Here's the process we follow

Consulting & Planning

We understand your needs and goals, and provides recommendations and solutions to help you achieve those goals

Requirement Elicitation

We gather and analyze information,define the functional and non-functional requirements for the system or product.

UI/UX Design

In this phase, we create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to visualize the design of the product

Development And Implementation

We code and implement the features and functionality defined in the requirements analysis phase

Quality Assuarance

We identify and prevent defects in the product or service before it is released to the end users.

Deployment And Go-Live​

The product is deployed to a production environment and is made available to the users

3 months Free Support

We provide assistance and troubleshooting services for a product or system,Without any additional cost

Annual Software Maintenance​

We agree to provide ongoing maintenance and support for a product for a specified period of time.
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Next-gen Web App Features

  • AI and Bots
  • Conversation AI Bot is the best avenue to digital transformation. Backed up by AI, these bots are capable to enhance their own databases and find ways to improve projects that need to be completed.

  • Enhanced Mobile Pages
  • Build effective websites with AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages are referred to as an open-source coding project developed by Google to help websites turn mobile-friendly.

  • Block Chain Implementation for Web 3.0
  • Blockchain technology is an integral aspect identified as a separate ledger used to record the etymology of a digital source.

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • These apps are improvised and built with recent APIs to provide reformed capacities, reliability, and installation at any place, on any device with a common codebase.

Full-Stack Developers Crafting Industry-Standard Web Applications

Web App Development FAQs

  • 1.Is cross-over incompatibility an issue while preparing a new website?
  • 2.What is the web application development process?
    Web application development involves designing, building, testing, and deploying a web-based application. Web applications are interactive pages allowing the user to input and run on a web server.
  • 3.How do I measure my work progress? How should I report errors?
    We're well-equipped with client help desk system that enable us to view the project status, follow up on the development, and report any errors if any.
  • 4.Which technology is considered the best for website application development?

    There is a wide range of frameworks that developers use. The following tops the list:

    • - Angular
    • - React js
    • - Vue.js
    • - Laravel
    • - Ruby on rails
  • 5.How much a new web application development or website would cost?
    There’s no fixed cost. The cost of web application development or a website relies upon your requirements, resources applied, and the dexterity of the app. You can state a particular price but you can surely acquire an estimation to have a fair idea. Contact our team of experts for detailed analysis and specified quotations related to your project.
  • 6.Why would I need web development?
    Web development or database-driven site allows easy access to your website’s content thereby reducing support and maintenance costs. They also facilitate a rich and interactive user experience.
  • 7.Do you offer maintenance services post-development?
    Indeed, we’re by your side to cater to your needs when necessary. Our team will provide you with end-to-end support and maintenance after the completion of your app or website development and release. We take responsibility for your functional improvements, upgrades, security, etc. So, sit back and relax, your issues will be taken care of.
  • 8.What are the alternatives available for the site maintenance?
  • 9.We know the end result we desire, but we lack knowledge as in what needs to be done to attain the same? How can you assist us?
    Our web consulting can help you decide the programming and other prerequisites you need. Being a full-cycle custom web development service provider, we also offer a comprehensive range of business services.
  • 10.Does Smartinfologiks provide dedicated web application developers?
    Of course, we provide committed developer enthusiasts based on your project requirements and the complexity of the project. Our developer lunatics will understand your business goals, project demands, and the complexities of the project as well as assure timely delivery of the same.

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