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SmatinfoLogiks is acclaimed for state-of-the-art digital solutions offering end-to-end Java development services including web, mobile, and desktop software solutions. Our passionate and dedicated Java developers are extremely efficient in developing result-oriented, feature-rich, high-performing, and reliable solutions with a perfect blend of innovation and analytical thinking.

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Our Java Development Services

Being a trusted Java Development Services provider, we offer a wide gamut of Java web and
mobile app development services that perfectly align with our clients’ dynamic requirements.


Custom Java Software Development

Our specialist team of Java developers comprise UI/UX designers, developers, and QA testers working day in and out to create exclusive Java application specific to your project requirements. Exercise complex banking systems, ERPs, extensive enterprise Java development applications, etc., requiring high-end security.


Java Web Development Services

Our enthusiastic Java development team is well-versed in Java web architecture and its engineering ecosystem. Hence, they’re well-equipped and positioned to offer avant-garde Java software development services. Embrace the artwork of the best multi-threading, user interface, and resource management techniques to develop efficient Java projects.


J2EE Development

We provide Java app development for enterprises using the J2EE platform. You can count on us for reliable enterprise services that create feature-rich applications for small, medium, and large enterprises. Give your business a competitive edge with our agile applications.


Java Mobile App Development

Our professional team of developers build lightweight, fast, and feature-rich mobile apps using Java programming language. Specific to your business requirements, we can create multi-factor enterprise applications, and cross-platform apps with app integration using services such as REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.


Java application Maintenance & Support

At SmartinfoLogiks, our Java engineers can help set up and run your Java application effortlessly. We facilitate personalized and cost-effective application maintenance and support services to make certain acuteness, performance, and compatibility of your app. Additionally, you can expect all-inclusive app support, management, and performance management services.


Java Integration & Migration Services

You can rely on us for migrating your existing business application platform to Java. Being a cross-functional Java development company, we can help you migrate and integrate with effective Java systems. Say no to tedious tasks of importing, exporting, and migrating your data to Java ensuring quality, when we’re by your side!

Program enterprise apps and SaaS solutions using Java development services.

Benefits of Java


Flexible, powerful, and stable

Java is a portable language so the same code can be used on mobile as well as desktop web applications


JRE Security

The multi-user programme running in a network and the computer are separated by JRE, which functions as a firewall. This configuration prevents any worms or viruses from harming a user's machine.


Multithreading capability

Running various individual tasks in parallel with one application enhances performance. Multithreading is used to do this in Java.Java enables the creation of concurrent, compact processes known as threads within a programme.


Dynamic Programming

The idea behind dynamic programming is to link to the necessary code as needed depending on the choice made when running the programme. In Java, programmes are developed with run-time data to handle object access at runtime.



Customers benefit greatly from the compiler's ability to affirm all possibilities in runtime circumstances as aspect of Java's exception handling, which greatly increases reliability.


Better Code Stability

The pace of development is accelerated by using distinct app components on the client and server.



Java uses trusted network architecture in order to create distributed applications. We need a technology known as J2EE to create these applications. Large enterprises favour distributed apps over localised ones.


Faster Rendering

The pace of development is accelerated by using distinct app components on the client and server.

Our Process

Regardless of location or industry, smartphones are now a part of every household, every workplace, and every individual. Even the most established brands now recognise that interacting with consumers on their smartphones and other mobile devices, such as tablets, is the most efficient method to attract their attention, generate interest in the brand, and encourage them to make a purchase.Business are unsure of how to build an app for their company. Here's the process we follow

Consulting & Planning

We understand your needs and goals, and provides recommendations and solutions to help you achieve those goals

Requirement Elicitation

We gather and analyze information,define the functional and non-functional requirements for the system or product.

UI/UX Design

In this phase, we create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to visualize the design of the product

Development And Implementation

We code and implement the features and functionality defined in the requirements analysis phase

Quality Assuarance

We identify and prevent defects in the product or service before it is released to the end users.

Deployment And Go-Live​

The product is deployed to a production environment and is made available to the users

Free Support

We provide assistance and troubleshooting services for a product or system,Without any additional cost

Annual Software Maintenance​

We agree to provide ongoing maintenance and support for a product for a specified period of time.

Java Development FAQs

  • 1.How does outsourcing Java development services to a company work?
  • 2.How will Java outsourcing company help to develop Java mobile applications?
    We’re a recognized Java application development company. Our experts will help in choosing the best framework for your project- cost-effective and future-ready.
  • 3.Can I employ a full-time Java developer?
    Of course. We provide ready-to-hire skilled developer who is highly experienced in Java and other related technologies considering project development.
  • 4.How much will it cost to outsource a Java development project?
    The cost may vary depending on various factors- project scope, tech stack, man-hours needed, engagement model, business objective, etc.
  • 5.How can I assess the progress of the Java development project?
    Our agile development approach helps us constantly communicate the project progress to clients, concerned teams, managers, and shareholders. We also provide login credentials to assess real-time progress.
  • 6.How much time will be consumed to go live with a custom Java development project?
    Based on the project scope, the period may range from a few weeks to a few months. We abide by the agile development approach to ensure the timely delivery of the project without comprising quality.
  • 7.How about post-development support?
    We take full accountability for post-development maintenance and updates. We also provide case-by-case support for different engagement models.
  • 8.Can you provide Java application development services for petite changes?
    Our extensive talent pool won’t upset you. After assessing the man-hour required for the changes, we’ll provide the quotations, accordingly.
  • 9.Why should I select Java for web development for my next project?
  • 10.Do you create native applications with Java?

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