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Logiks Framework

Logiks Framework is an open source high-performance web application building platform. It applies RAD principles along with agile concepts for building and deploying web based PHP projects basically AppSites. Logiks is basically built around SRTP principle of project development with prime concern being Developer's ease of creating projects.

Logiks is suited to create data-driven applications like Social Sites, CRM,e-Commerce, ERP, e-Governance , Logistic, Project Management and the like.To create applications you can use the web-based integrated development enviroment. Logiks provides visual designers to develop applications without prior knowledge of programming, using drag and drop and no coding philosophy. Advanced users can create more complex applications.

Why Logiks ?
  •  Open-source, Free and Extendable.
  •  Rapid Application Development Environment.
  •  Enterprise level Web-based Visual Designer (VDE) for most of the works.
  •  Easy extension with Plugins,Widgets, Layouts and Themes.
  •  Modern web 2.0 user-interface.
  •  Advanced Reporting System with Visual Statistics.
  •  Multi-App Environment.
  •  Lesser Testing cycles.
  •  More adaptability to client's changing requirement lists.
  •  More stress on bigger and complex chunks of projects.
  •  Lower learning curve for developers as its built for them.

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Source Code Repo : Github