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SME Business Mail

Easy, Fast, analytics & mail trends
Advanced Search,Office Centralized Mailbox

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Product Description

SME Experience a clean, fast and centralized webmail system, with complete control over your organization’s messaging needs and activities. With this you take control of your inbox and your employees’ inbox. Powered by complete analytic services, you are equipped with whom your employee contact, how frequently and to what end. Auto labeling and drag and drop interface saves your time and effort. Equipped with template based composer you never have to type your mail again, just click and send.

  •  Auto Organised Mail Box
  •  Robust Composer
  •  Chat Room
  •  Auto Label Creation
  •  Grouping
  •  Usage & Analytics
  •  Drag & Drop UI
  •  Advanced Filters
  •  Robust Serach

Manage & Analyze your email, smart & effectively

Easy, fast, centralized mailbox, analytics &mail trend, drag & drop interface, scheduler, taskman

SME  Folders

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