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Smart Crewman

Centralized data,crew planner, 24x7 access ,
reports & analytics , drag & drop interface

Smart Crewman

Project Description

Smartcrewman™ is browser based crew management software specially developed for companies operating in the maritime industry. The software has helped streamline Crew Management by supporting users with Crew Recruitment Planning, Crew/Vessel Document Management, and providing insight into overall performance with reporting and analytics. It provides comprehensive support for the complete crewing and crew management process. With this software, you can optimally man your vessels, make intelligent use of your crew pool, and be sure that you are in compliance with rules and regulations.

Fleet operators need to crew their ships with suitably experienced qualified and trained crew in line with industry and statutory regulations, and ensure that they are able to retain competent crew members who are becoming increasingly hard to find. Improving crew welfare is an important task of the ship manager if crew are to be re-tained especially as there is an acute shortage of well trained crew.

Crew selection should take into account certification requirements of IMO, STCW and with other relevant international regulations. You know that the quality of your crew onboard is one of the key factors that influence ship performance, costs, condition of the ship and its equipment, and efficiency of cargo operations. In other words, your sea going personnel are an important part of your business, and how you manage this asset has a great impact on your business success. How can you be sure that you are making optimal use of your crew pool? How can you be sure that your vessels are manned properly – i.e. in line with industry regulations and requirements, and company policy? How can you plan crew rotation and deployment with little to no effort.

  • The Solution - Smart Crewman

Smart Crewman Software harnesses the speed and reliability of the web to provide a comprehensive solution to the common problems of Crew management for ship operators who do their own crewing as well as for 3rd party. Our simple and information-rich interface supports the complete crewing and crew management process, including but not limited to: Crew planning / scheduling : optimize crew deployment in line with safe manning requirements Document Management : keep track of all vital data, contracts related to crew and Vessel, etc. Crew certificate & license management : monitoring and alert of expiration dates Crew history : record of employment for each crew member, incidents, vessel history, etc. Task management : manage, assign and prioritize different tasks Management reports & statistics : crew retention, appraisals, crew status and much more

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Complete crew management software for Maritime Industry

Easy, fast, centralized data,crew planner, 24x7 access ,reports & analytics , drag & drop interface, knowledge manager,online support

Smart Crewman

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