Collect & Analyse Any Data.

Managing all of your company’s data, assets and human resource can seem overwhelming. Digitising them is the next step, which often becomes fragmented into silos across multiple platforms. Datalytics liberates your data by combining the best of collecting and tagging resources, providing analytics and integrating them across platforms and devices.

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An innovative approach to improve performance, efficiency, and functionality.

Instantly Ready

Stop wasting time, effort and money by developing your application from scratch, just set your goal, migrate your data & personalized app is ready in a day.

Real-time Tracking

Enhanced tracking of data, users, devices and transport, improving accountability and transparency.Get real-time data from connected smartphones and other devices.

User/Rule based Security

Securely manage sensitive data, location, activity, and communication. Manage access levels within your organization. Work with your business partners and your colleagues in a single secure environment.

Quick Integration

Link all your data with any other web apps with a few clicks, so they can share data. We moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.


Pay as you go. All plans include operations and infrastructure.
(10% discount on annual subscription)

Basic Plan

Per Month Per User
  • 10GB Space
  • 5 Data Modules
  • Free backend with some limits
  • Standard support

Premium Plan

Per Month Per User
  • 30GB Space
  • 15 Data Modules
  • Free backend with no limits
  • Integration available
  • Priority support

Unlimited Plan

Per Month Per User
  • 50GB Space
  • 25 Data Modules
  • Free backend with no limits
  • Premium unlimited integration
  • Advanced workflows & bots
  • Premium support

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