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Smart Crewman

SmartinfoLogiks is driven to meet client needs with dedication & determination. We at Smartinfo Logiks, embrace tough challenges and do not rest until the problem is solved, the right way.


Today every business is a Smart Business i.e. Digital Business which gives business owners new ways to answer the question, ‘how & what technology will deliver growth, results and innovation?’ Our SMART Business Solutions is the way leaders answer these questions and gain a playbook for the Digital world..


At a time when there are over 117 million Indian smartphone users and with as much as 50 percent of all searches occurring on a mobile device, small businesses that ignore mobile put future growth at risk.
Interact with your smart customer in smart way.


Social media has changed how we communicate and means there has never been more immediate or available ways to connect with your stakeholders. While it is a great tool, it must also be used with care, whatever the size of your business. It is constantly evolving, so you must have a robust but adaptable strategy to cope with this.


The cloud! Everyone is talking about it, it sounds like a great place to be and it is. A land where your infrastructure can change as quickly as your business..
Adopt cloud for Cost effective ,Convenience and Simplicity.

Introducing Smartinfo Logiks, Technologies & Services

We help set-up processes, organize teams and develop frameworks for transition and application management. We ensure a cohesive IT support road map

SME Office 24X7

With Smartinfo logiks SME Startup kit,you can streamline your business processes by enhancing business bottom line & maximising return on IT investment.

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SME Business Mail

Experience a clean, fast and centralized webmail system, with complete control over your organization’s messaging needs and Powered by complete analytic services

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SME Folders

Combining your server storage with cloud storage including but not limited to S3, DropBox, Google Drive, etc makes it possible to access your documents on the fly.

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SME Purchase managment

Large-scale data analytics are the new frontier of competitive differentiation.With Smartinfo logiks’s expert Big Data team you can establish a clear-eyed view of the business.

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IT Consulting

Smartinfo logiks’s consulting services help organizations execute strategies to drive business growth, reduce operational costs & create new revenue streams.

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ICT Assessment

ICT plays a important role in current "knowledge economy".Ourexperts understand SME's needs,challenges,assess their ICT capability to help them to implement ICT.

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ICT Infra

Adopting ICT is an adaptive challenge, not a technical challenge.OurICT consultation & cost effective highly customized products encourages SME's to adopt ICT infra.

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Server Solutions

Smartinfo Logiks brings to you the next generation of Hybrid Server Solutions at the only part the cost and with features of On Premises Servers minus the maintenance.

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Why Smartinfo Logiks?

Smartinfo Logiks, we start with the assumption that customer success is our success.So building strong relationships with our customers is our first priority.
We care about our clients’ success, listen to their needs and implement what they want the best way we can. That's why you can rest assured we'll be here for many more years to come.

  • Our Mission

    "By realizing the business needs we build technology to deliver innovative ICT product,solution & services that enable our clients to win in the ever changing world of Technology.We believe the true power of technology. R & D is our core strength.."

  • Our Values

    "Smartinfo Logiks is driven to meet client needs with dedication & determination. We at Smartinfo Logiks, embrace tough challenges and do not rest until the problem is solved, the right way."

  • Brand Identity

    "Our brand identity is comprised of Our Vision, Mission and Values. Together, these capture and define who we are and what differentiates.."


client Testimonial

Smartinfologiks team is a thinking team that helped us give shape to our web vision.