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BizSuite CRM is an amalgam of comprehensive features that encompasses every facet of the business and is proficient enough to deliver you the desired ROI in a short span of time.It is a sophisticated business development tool that allows you to maintain records of pre-sales and post-sales customer transactions and use the data to boost revenue.

  • check It centralizes customer information, interactions, and communication.
  • check Provides a 360-degree view of customers, including preferences and history.
  • check Facilitates personalized customer experiences to boost satisfaction and retention.
  • check Streamlines lead tracking, sales automation, and customer support processes.
  • check Enables efficient task and responsibility assignment for better team collaboration.
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Auto-capture leads from all channels

Our Omni-channel CRM unites sales, marketing, and support teams, enabling seamless customer engagement across multiple channels, capturing leads from any source be it Phone, Email, social media etc.


Omni-channel CRM integration


Automated lead capture.


Multi-channel lead capturing


Lead tagging for categorization


Lead activity tracking

Contacts Made Easy

Contacts management within CRM encompasses the organization and maintenance of customer information, tracking interactions, and segmenting contacts for effective marketing. It facilitates customer understanding, sales generation, and personalized experiences.


Organize and maintain customer information


Track and log customer interactions


Segment contacts for targeted marketing


Contact tagging categorization


Contact engagement tracking

Leads in Control

Enable businesses to identify and prioritize the most valuable customers for follow-up, optimizing sales team efficiency and focus with lead management


Lead generation & Tracking


Lead process automation


Real-time Lead Notifications


Lead Analytics for decision making


Lead conversion tracking

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Sales Amplified With Analytics

CRM Sales
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  • check_circleSales funnel analysis

  • check_circleSales performance evaluation

  • check_circleForecasting and predictive modeling

  • check_circleSales Pipeline tracking

  • check_circleSales revenue reporting

  • check_circleReal-Time Sales Monitoring

Automated Marketing Mastery

By leveraging marketing automation, businesses can save time, increase operational efficiency, and deliver targeted and timely marketing campaigns to their audience.


Lead scoring and segmentation


Lead nurturing workflows


Email marketing automation


Automated Drip Marketing


Multi-channel Marketing

Easy Quotation Invoicing and billing

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors with automated quotation, invoice, and billing generation process.Stay organized and never miss a deadline with customizable reminders and notifications for pending payments.


Tailor-made invoice templates


Automated order tracking


Multi-template-based invoicing


Integrated quotations tracking


Bill analysis and tracking

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Forging Lasting Customer Loyalty

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Centralize your critical client information

Centralize and organize all vital client information in one place with our CRM, streamlining your customer interactions and boosting productivity. Say goodbye to scattered data and hello to a unified view of your clients for better decision-making and superior customer service.

Client information

Automated Sales Solution

Experience accelerated sales processes with our automated solutions, empowering your team to focus on closing deals while our CRM handles repetitive tasks seamlessly. Maximize efficiency and drive revenue growth through intelligent automation tailored to your sales needs.

Automated sales

Efficient Lead Management

CRM facilitates lead tracking and scoring, helping sales teams identify and prioritize high-quality leads, resulting in better lead conversion rates and optimized lead nurturing.

Lead management

Business Insights

Gain valuable business insights at your fingertips with our CRM, empowering you to make data-driven decisions, understand customer behavior, and drive growth like never before.

Business insights

Targeted Marketing

Revolutionize your business with targeted marketing campaigns tailored to ERP solutions, reaching the right audience and showcasing the power of streamlined operations and efficiency.Unleash the power of crm for strategic marketing campaigns.

Targeted marketing
BizSuite CRM
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Why Choose BizSuite CRM?

  • check_circleDashboard

  • check_circleReports & Analytics

  • check_circleScalable

  • check_circle24/7 Support

  • check_circleHighly Customizable

  • check_circleCross Platform



  • 1.What is CRM?
  • 2.Why does my business require CRM?
    A CRM system helps you identify customers and potential customers, recognize their preferences, consistently expect their needs and respond to their requests efficiently. It also allows you to trace, organize, and integrate the interactions with its present and potential customers. Smartinfologiks CRM is:
    • Easy to use
    • Effortlessly customizable
    • Powerful relational database
    • Foolproof solution approach
  • 3.How is CRM beneficial to my business?
    CRM can assist you:
    • Escalate customer satisfaction
    • Boost customer retention and eliminate marketing expense
    • Expect customer needs and preferences
    • Boost operating efficacies
    • Enhance targeted marketing efforts of customers and potential
    • Enhance targeted marketing efforts of customers and potential
  • 4.If I’m running a small business and I don’t have a lot of customers. Why do I require special software to manage them?
    CRM can benefit a small enterprise by integrating customer data into a single system. As a business develops, maintaining a record of all transactions can be tricky and overwhelming. CRM tools enable you to manage your customer interactions efficiently, hence, you have ample amount of time to emphasize your service or product.
  • 5.Will my employees favour it?
    Make sure that the CRM programs used by everyone are intuitive and that the repetitive, mundane processes for entering and accessing information can be completed swiftly. CRM must constantly illustrate the significance of using the system.
  • 6.Is the system expandable as my business grows?
    Ensure the tech stack can scale up and seamlessly support different dealership locations. Also, request that progressive maintenance charges, support fees, and license expenses need not boost during the initial stages of the agreement.
  • 7.How safe is my data with Smartinfologiks CRM?
    Smartinfologiks CRM guards the data for hundreds of customers, ensuring that their data is secure, backed up and confidential. We truly understand that we possess a high duty of care to protect customer data, as well as our internal policies and procedures reflect the same.
  • 8.How does the customer service segment of CRM help a business grow?
    Customer satisfaction is an integral element of customer loyalty. Satisfied and loyal customers turn into long-term customers. Word-of-mouth suggestions develop the most effective marketing for your brand.
  • 9.Is CRM costly?
  • 10.How can a CRM boost sales?

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