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Smart Crowd Analytics

Sales & Services

Technology is changing the sales game,
take advantage of it to stand high in the market.

With the ever-growing technology businesses are investing more in advancing and automating their sales & services operations. Today connecting people is just one click away similarly business tends to be inclined towards solutions with which they can effortlessly connect to their field-scattered employees for sales and service delivery. By leveraging cloud-based technologies, Smartinfologiks have developed comprehensive and reliable solutions to accelerate the profitability and growth of your business.

Revamp the traditional sales process, improve your sales funnel & teams.

Lead Generation & Management

Boost up sales number & drive revenue

To thrive in today's competitive market business should go with lead generating CRM solutions to boost up their sales. With our efficient & powerful CRM analytics, a business can focus more on their target market. So don't miss any opportunity to convert the right leads into a deal and with our Smart CRM drive revenue with ease.

  • Generate leads, maintain connections with prospect customers.
  • Omnichannel engagement to bring the sales, marketing & support team together.
  • Find the right lead by lead scoring and pipelining.
Customer Management


Lead Management


Sales Forecast


Mobile CRM


Marketing Automation


Chat & Bot Integration

Chat & Bot

Big Data Analytics

Gain data-driven insights & operational efficiency

With the continued advancement of data science, sales and services industry has a vast opportunity to gain new insights into how to maximize revenue and attract consumers. Our BigData analytics platform - Datalytics - is a data-centric solution which enables advance data and metadata analysis.

  • Proactively develop by gaining data-driven insights & understand the needs of the customers.
  • By extracting actionable data businesses can increase their sales prospects.
  • Improve conversion rates, operational efficiency and ROI with high in demand features.
Big Data Analytics

Self- Service kiosks

Future of Customer Engagement

Self- Service kiosks

The market for kiosks is skyrocketing every day, and the benefits provided by digital interactive kiosks are adding great value to various industries and domains. Self- service industry has engulfed kiosks real quick and Smartinfologiks has come up with solutions that fit right into your business objective.

  • Take customer service to a whole new dimension to give efficient, optimum, and easy assistance.
  • Gather customer feedback, sales and marketing, schedule appointments or visits, sign up customers, product and pricing displays and much more.

Logistics Management

Real-time Asset Tracking & Resource Utilization

Rapid innovation in the sales & service sector is described as a future mechanism for progress. The need to provide efficient and better services has fueled the need to develop technologies that can both enhance customer service and help smooth business operations. Smartinfologiks’s , real-time asset tracking system is a cloud-based software that is backed up by barcodes or RFID tags technologies to track and manage assets as well as effective monitoring of the location and health of valuable assets & inventory.

Logistics Management


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