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Battery Industry

Real Time Battery Diagnosis & Monitoring

With a projected CAGR of 6.63%, the global battery market is expected to grow and reach a value of $135.43 billion by 2027. Owing to the booming industry of energy storage systems, demand for monitoring and diagnosis solution is widening and is expected to see significant growth in the coming years. Even Though the battery industry is booming it is still having some setbacks when it comes down to monitoring the health of the battery which are given out in the market. With time the performance or health of batteries tends to deteriorate hence it becomes important that batteries heath are kept in check. Our monitoring solution for battery diagnostics captures battery data automatically and gives you real-time insights and reports.

Battery Insights

The New Standard in Tracking Battery Life

There are many types of battery tests available on the market to assess the performance and efficiency of the device, which produces a lot of battery data. We strive to make painless collection and evaluation of these data. Since we record everything immediately and allow you to access events after the fact, anybody can begin analyzing in minutes. With features like Automatic Tester Kit Listing, Activity tracker, Battery Test Summary, Enterprise-Grade Security and much more, our solution helps you by providing insight into the entire battery ecosystem.

Role Control System

ACL / Role Control System.

Automatic Tester Kit Listing

Automatic Tester Kit Listing.

Activity Tracker


Battery Test Summary

Battery Test Summary.

Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise Grade Security.

Advanced Analytic Reports

Advanced Analytic Reports.

Connected Warranty Management

360-degree Functionality To Manage Battery Warranty Cycle

With our comprehensive connected warranty management software, one can efficiently streamline their warranty management flow as well as reduce expenditure and improve revenues. It’s a next-generation Warranty Management solution that integrates manufacturers, distributors, dealers, suppliers, and customers.

  • Automate warranty claims process and enhance accuracy of warranty data.
  • Control warranty costs with extensive checks and validations.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency with Claim process automation.
  • Consolidate customer, vendor information and improve customer-service.
  • Gain actionable insights to detect and correct product defects earlier.
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