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Smart Crowd Analytics

FMCG Industry

We build solutions that cater to the desire for instant access,
round-the-clock accessibility, and faster turnaround

FMCG is a highly competitive sector and, to top the charts, it is necessary to bring all fragmented operational data and processes under one roof, which in turn makes on-site and resource data management simple and effective as well as minimizes cost variables. With our custom and diverse software modules we make sure you don't lose any chance of selling and promote seamless data flow between all your enterprise process phases. Our ERP solutions are built to fit in your agile workflow requirements.

Our industry-driven and innovative software solutions focus on catering to these technological needs and bringing forward the best for our clients.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Digitize, Integrate & Automate your business processes

With our custom and diverse ERP solution modules we make sure you don't lose any chance of selling and promotes seamless data flow between all your enterprise process phases. Our ERP solutions are built to fit in your agile workflow requirements.

  • Boost Efficiency & Productivity by eliminating redundant tasks and automating processes.
  • Bring down all the scattered operational data and processes of different departments under one roof.
  • Make on-floor & resource data management simple, effective and integrated.
Enterprise Resource Planning

Data Analytics

Predictive data analysis to give your business a competitive edge

Data Analytics

Datalytics help examine & handle a massive amount of data to underline insights and patterns. It is an innovative approach to improve the performance, efficiency, and ROI of your business. Manage & connect smoothly with your enormous sales forces scattered across various locations with Datalytics.

  • Big Data analytics & operational intelligence, help you take strategic decisions and engage customers.
  • Enhanced tracking of data, users, devices and transport, improving accountability and transparency.
  • Advanced algorithms and analytical tools to derive predictive insights & data processing.

AI Bots

“ Simply Intelligent ”- AI + KNOWLEDGE Driven Bots

Whichever industry or domain you belong to, customer satisfaction is always the priority. Therefore, it becomes really important to be available 24/7 to meet the customer's demands or queries. With our knowledge-driven bots be readily available for support, feedback, order processing, or instant query resolution without being physically present.

  • Be available 24/7 with a virtual workforce of Bots who can work as an extension of your staff.
  • Gain insights from your bots engagement conversations & enhancing the quality of conversations.
  • Interact, Engage and Train your bot without any downtime with advanced AI.
AI Bots

eCommerce Website & Mobile App

Responsive & Dynamic Websites add value to businesses

eCommerce Website & Mobile App

Developing your brand in the market is a must and website & mobile apps appear to be a vital tool for establishing and escalating brand value in any domain, as well as are simple and quick way to get information about products and services from businesses.

  • Boost Efficiency & Productivity by eliminating redundant tasks and automating processes.Target a wider market and reach out maximum potential customers.
  • Improve your brand visibility and value to your business.
  • Get to know your customers & have round the clock availability.


Security, Connectivity & Accessibility

The FMCG industry consists of different operations and processes, it is a time-consuming and complex task to manage and maintain these processes. The FMCG industry, however, is gradually embracing IoT and AI technology that in turn is benefitting them with cost reduction, better management, and faster operations.

  • Improve productivity by having real-time collaboration & communication.
  • Better reporting and accountability by advance data analysis and processing.
  • Optimize operations and processes to gain better control & management.

Logistics Management

Real-time Asset Tracking & Resource Utilization

Logistics Management

Rapid innovation in the FMCG sector is described as a future mechanism for progress. The need to provide efficient and better services has fueled the need to develop technologies that can both enhance customer service and help smooth business operations. Smartinfologiks’s , real-time asset tracking system is a cloud-based software that is backed up by barcodes or RFID tags technologies to track and manage your logistics operations as well as effective monitoring of the location and health of valuable assets & inventory.

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