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ERP Migration

ERP Migration

Our ERP migration can help optimize your business management structure by integrating business apps and CRM software into one automated centralized architecture and planning a course of action for the manual work process.

CMS Migration

CMS Migration

Irrespective of the platform- HubSpot, Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress, our CMS migration services are credible enough to enhance a site’s features, speed, and performance. We can also assist in choosing the best CMS-based platform based on utilization, portability, extensions, addons, design, etc.

IT Infrastructure Migration

IT Infrastructure Migration

With technological advancements and legacy migration services like testing, QA, maintenance, etc; we migrate your legacy applications to cloud-based IT environments. With evaluation and infrastructure migration strategy, our team helps you attain valuable revenue and enhanced productivity.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Get access to secure, cost-efficient, and transparent cloud migration with Smartinfologiks. Avoid the hassle of storage and data security and focus on your organization management, as we are by your side! Our squad ensures little to no downtime-be it data, app migration, workload, legacy infrastructure, or software licenses.

Database Migration

Database Migration

Equipped with the best tools and database integrations, Smartinfologiks can help you migrate your data from one or multiple sources to a revamped database. Our planned migration approach encompasses evaluation, database schema conversion, database migration, operational testing, and performance compatibility.


Smartinfologiks Legacy App Modernization

  • Our customized migration solution for legacy applications can help enhance & elevate your business.
  • We embrace and analyze the technology environment and enterprise prerequisites.
  • Our IT software technology creates a solution prototype and collaboration framework.
  • We formulate deep legacy and environment analytics.
  • Immeasurable analysis of database, network, and other simultaneous operations.
  • A platter of maturity crosswise performance, security, backup, and processes.

Reliable Legacy App Modernization
and Migration Services with Smartinfologiks

Leverage improved functional agility with Smartinfologiks legacy app modernization services. We can help you change or migrate present contrasting systems functioning on antiquated languages and help businesses migrate to new technologies and accelerate innovation.

Eliminated Security Breaches

Our tech stack can help you enhance security and eliminate risks by executing integrated cloud-based precautionary measures to alleviate disruption and ease progressive business operations using automated and centralized work processes.

Improved Performance and Cohesion

Our enterprise legacy application migration services help your brand defeat legacy obstacles by filling the gap through the integration of legacy systems and other IT systems thereby improving overall stability and performance.

Minimize Overheads

Our migration services help to eliminate the expense of obtaining and maintaining legacy languages, development tools, etc, which cut down the maintenance cost of your outdated software systems.

How do we execute the Legacy App Migration journey

The largest IT assets for a corporation are the venerable programmes, often known as legacy programmes. The steady advancement of technology, however, frequently renders IT applications obsolete after a particular amount of time. Enterprises today must use cutting-edge technology that boost productivity and efficiency in order to get an advantage over their rivals. Services for legacy application migration are required due to the continual requirement to modernise or migrate applications to satisfy changing business needs, save costs, and reduce risks.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis enables you to perform everything right from third-party software integration security, and compliance to employee training

Environment Evaluation

A comprehensive analysis of available legacy systems encompassing processes, dependencies, and operations which need a re-architectural revision.

Running Pilot Migration

Pilot migration enables you to testify to the application in imitating conditions associated with routine tasks.

App Re-Architecture

This method splits applications and architects them in a scalable advanced design.

Application Darwinism

This enables users to migrate to the cloud in huge chunks, instead of all at once.

Migration Strategy

Accessibility to shifting migration copy to the cloud. It doesn't require much work or effort to migrate legacy applications.

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Benefits of Smartinfologiks Legacy App migration Services

Our solutions are tailor-made for easy incorporation into the existing systems.
Our solutions can be relied upon and are stable enough as legacy applications.
Leverage a boost in productivity and efficiency.
Move to modern technology like social networking, search integration, etc. *Empower scalability and flexibility with our customized solutions.
Get access to advanced systems that are easy-to-use and maintain.
We can help you reduce operational overheads with contemporary applications.
Regular updates make certain your systems never go outdated.

Legacy Application Migration FAQs

  • 1.What is legacy migration?
  • 2.Why should I migrate my business?
    Legacy application migration can help enhance the performance and competitiveness of your business. The inadequacy of vendor support and constant updates of old systems can trade off your data security. Hence, data migration from legacy systems is essential to make certain an operational IT system.
  • 3.How do you transform your systems?
    A successful legacy system transformation is to replace existing systems edge-to-edge with new systems parallel to your business needs and deliver you an upper hand. We start the process by identifying the existing system’s need for replacement or a new system that requires logic or information present in your legacy systems.
  • 4.Why companies usually don’t migrate legacy applications?
    Stepping forward to new solutions requires a lot of confidence, but enhancements are huge. Every organization is unique and it’s essential to not avoid any peculiarities while migrating to new applications.
  • 5.What are different legacy migration alternatives?
    The options include:
    • - Application Rehosting
    • - Application Replatforming
    • - Application Rearchitecting/ Refactoring
  • 6.What does Smartinfologiks offer?
    Legacy app migration is a complex process that requires all-inclusive knowledge and expertise in terms of software development. To avoid errors and risks, ensure you associate with a well-established software service provider. We at Smartinfologiks are ready to serve you with the best legacy application migration services which can help you escalate your organization’s infrastructure coupled with internal processes effectively.
  • 7.How do you successfully migrate a business’s legacy application?
    Our human-centric approach includes:
    • - SWOT Analysis
    • - Environment Evaluation
    • - Application Strategy
    • - Pilot Migration
    • - Post-Migration Resource Management
    • - Legacy Application Migration
  • 8.Why do a few legacy migrations fail?
    Legacy app migration is not a straightforward process and it might mislead without proper planning, preparation, and implementation. A business yield fruitful results when it associates with technology experts to find a migration strategy and then abide by the best practices to execute the same.
  • 9.What are a few legacy migration options?
  • 10.How do I support legacy application migration?

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