Ushering In New Age Custom Software Development Technology

Efficiency is the key to success in the business arena.- and we at Smartinfologiks are equipped with the right tools and resources to help you streamline business practices and enhance workflow.We’re recognized for providing complete software development services across varying industries. We possess the right experience and expertise in operating with companies of different sizes, right from startups to large conglomerates. Irrespective of your software requirements, our experts strive to live up to your expectations. Smartinfologiks can additionally help you streamline your legacy systems and replace your traditional software with a modern technology suite.

Enterprise automation

We have an immensely talented team that strives to deliver proficient IoT services to various industries & businesses using the latest tools and technologies.

  • Business workflow orchestration
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Population health management
  • Media asset management

Industrial Internet Of Things

We have an immensely talented team that strives to deliver proficient IoT services to various industries & businesses using the latest tools and technologies.

  • IOT Analyticss
  • IOT Solutions
  • IOT development

BI And Advanced Analytics

BI tools and predictive modeling alone cannot analyze data or business information as effectively as advanced analytics.Advanced analytics implies machine learning, statistical methods and process automation technique

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Operations


Insights from big data can be turned into actionable insights through our AI and machine learning powered service. By leveraging AI and machine learning, we help your organization drive informed decisions with big data.

  • AI Consulting and development
  • AI/ML powered web apps and mobile apps

Harness our custom software development services to unlock business value

Leverage our Custom Software Solutions for your Business

Regardless of the customer base your company serves, we assist you in creating unique softwares that increases business value while enhancing the end-user experience.

Customer loyalty & augmented profit margin

Reliable software solutions

Overhauled Apps and digital Solutions

Delivering High-Quality Solutions — on Budget, on Time

Bank on our custom software development services to enhance your solution’s security, accelerate time to market, and drive exceptional customer value.

Custom software development process

Our process is an amalgamation of the best procedures and practices, supplemented by the right toolkit and framework that is specifically designed to yield industry-leading applications and software for deployment.A comprehensive analysis by our expert business analysts can help us define your project prerequisites and rationalize the future breadth of your web application. In addition to this, our project managers deliver experimental planning and implementation with an estimated time and budget. Our developers create a process by executing documented and wireframed ideas. A frequent client review initiated by us helps us formulate proposed amendments.
Consulting & Planning

We understand your needs and goals, and provides recommendations and solutions to help you achieve those goals

Requirement Elicitation

We gather and analyze information,define the functional and non-functional requirements for the system or product.

UI/UX Design

In this phase, we create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to visualize the design of the product

Development And Implementation

We code and implement the features and functionality defined in the requirements analysis phase

Quality Assuarance

We identify and prevent defects in the product or service before it is released to the end users.

Deployment And Go-Live​​

The product is deployed to a production environment and is made available to the users

Free Support

We provide assistance and troubleshooting services for a product or system,Without any additional cost for 3 months.

Annual Software Maintenance​​

We agree to provide ongoing maintenance and support for a product for a specified period of time.You just need to choose the right support plan

Lets Make Your Notion a Reality

Annual maintenance contract

The new era of digitization has enforced SME's to embrace technology.IT maintenance has become pivotal for business sustainability. Our portfolio of services covers a broad range of IT services viz monitoring, website enhancement, and prompt troubleshooting.

check_circle Decisive service

Our extensive expertise has helped the companies beat past the technical challenges and boost operational ability.

check_circle Result-driven methods

We use the right strategy to achieve the business goals.Our result-driven approach.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract services to enhance your business strategy and development

  • Critical preventative maintenance.
  • Avoid unexpected downtimes.
  • Substantial cost saving in IT maintenance.
  • Fixed annual maintenance budget.
  • Prompt software and security updates.
  • Quickly respond to shifting tech trends.

Reinforce 360-Degree Custom Software Solutions


Optimize internal operations and B2C solutions to optimize customer experience with advanced software solutions.


Rejuvenate your B2B practices with customizable, scalable, and future-ready custom software solutions.


Embrace cost-effective B2E technical solutions from multiple vertical platforms. We deliver customized software development services.

The Future of the Metaverse Guide

The Future of the Metaverse: An Analysis of the Leaders, Opportunities, and Threats

Is the metaverse our future reality? Or is it all hype? In this report, we analyzed market commentary to better understand the biggest opportunities and implications of metaverse across key industries and leading companies.

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Client Testimonial

“ The team at SmartinfoLogiks are very hardworking and committed to the projects they take on. “.

Rina Nathani

Founder-CEO of FindURclass

“ SmartinfoLogiks is the the epitome of the innovation.“

L.R. Mahapatra

Director-Apple Energy

“ Smartinfologiks team is a thinking team that helped us give shape to our web vision.“

Debadutta Upadhyaya

CEO of TimeSaverz

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  • 1. How much does custom development cost?
  • 2. Why is custom software an expensive barter?
    Custom software is often created when traditional software fails to serve the purpose, or off-the-shelf software is too challenging to be used. Customer software helps businesses save license fees and training efforts as it’s developed to match the existing organizational processes. As the customer possesses the intellectual property there are no long-term licensing costs, but the initial investment is slightly higher due to the programming effort.
  • 3. How about confidentiality throughout the process?
    Our team of full-time employees is bound by organizational confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses. Besides, for case-sensitive projects, we build isolated cells disconnected from any public network.
  • 4. What about quality and reliability?
    Driven by agile software development ideology, we ensure quality and swift ROI. We’re supported by formal processes to maintain quality, encompassing design walk-throughs and timely code reviews. We believe that every software developed must be able to envision the company’s success.
  • 5. What’s the time duration consumed in designing custom software?
    The estimated time to build any software relies upon its type and complexities. If given a deadline, we’ll work accordingly to meet the prerequisites. You can consult ut software development for exact quotations and time-frame.
  • 6. What about the team support system?
    We’re recognized to deliver progressive support services. Our SLAs are active enough to provide you with timely support and assistance.
  • 7. How much control do we have over the project?
    You’ll own your project. Our project managers will be a single point of contact and will work in close association with your respective guidelines.
  • 8. How will we keep ourselves updated about the progress?
    You and your team will be integral associates of sprint planning- right from sprint planning to the release date.
  • 9. Will I be a victim of any hidden charges for the services?
  • 10. How can I receive a project quotation in minimal time?

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