How SmartinfoLogik's BizSuite Delivers Business value to Logistics Industry

Business Challenges

Being a logistics business owner & lacking complete control over management is like drinking & driving together. With our regular interaction with supply chain managers & logistic business owners, we have found out the following problems they generally face :

  • Lack of proper inventory management.
  • Increase in demand from clients & failing in on-time delivery.
  • Lack of coordination between internal team with drivers, suppliers.
  • Claim of expenses approval.
  • Lack of proper tracking with vehicle drivers.
  • Lack of complete transparency as per client demands.

BizSuite's Solution

We provide cross-platform tailored solution to entire logistics industry which increases efficiency in operation, accelerates business growth by digitising the complete operation management process so that ultimately a business owner can earn better by getting a relaxed management. We take care of every aspect of operation which includes :

  • Vehicle & Driver tracker - Isn't sounding good when you don't need to call the driver multiple time just to know the status? Now leave this worry upto BizSuite, by integrating GPS to the logistics software, we help you save big time.
  • Driver’s Regular Log Record - By logging drivers trip record, we provide complete insight about the trip, hours of performance, reviews from client & quality of delivery. So that when your customer is happy, you get a happy business hour.
  • Assign Order to Driver pickup - Assigning order to driver is a pretty hectic as well as essentialities of fleet management. It comes with overheads of picking up the right driver & assigning him the task as well as multiple follow ups. Now just get rid of all these headaches by clicking a single assignment plan button on the web & your driver will get its assignment on the mobile. So you are completely free to crack a big deal of your business.
  • Multi Language support - Effective communication is the essentiality of every business. By understanding this we have made BizSuite's logistics application Multi Language friendly.
  • Realtime chat with driver - Business needs dynamism. With every minute clients changing demand if you can't get in touch with your delivery vehicle & driver in real time then you may lose your customer in a fraction of time. What if your client asks for a route change during delivery? That is where live chat comes in to picture & reduces the chances of your customer lose.
  • Expense Claim - In logistics business tracking & managing expense sheet is too hectic. We provide the best way of expense claim supported by multi approval authority.
  • Maintenance of vehicle documents - In logistics vehicles Documents are core to the document management system & BizSuite provides a cloud based zero storage limitation document management system.