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An eLearning Platform

eTuTs for Enterprise

We bring to you eTuTs for Enterprise, an advanced and tailored e-Learning platform to empower your workforce, to manage, track, and achieve corporate learning goals, ensuring training delivery that adds real value to your business.

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Empower your workforce with dynamic & impactful online learning.

Empower your workforce with dynamic & impactful online learning.

eTuTs is a streamlined & easy-to-use e-learning platform encapsulating a comprehensive collection of features that enables enterprises to streamline employee training and upskilling , monitor their progress and initiate real-time communication/ feedback on their development ,all tools incorporated in a single platform.

  • Virtual Learning Delivery
  • Easy Course management
  • Omnichannel Communication
  • Employee Progress Monitoring

Powerful features to help you get more out of online virtual learning & training !

Courses Management

Content Management

Instructor Employee Interactions

Certificate Management

Collaborative whiteboards

Video conferencing


Courses Marketplace

File & Screen Sharing

ARS/ Polling system

Integrated Omnichannel Communication

Real-Time Management Feedback

Online Training Assessment

Employee Progress Monitoring


Blended Learning

Advanced Analytics

Mobile Learning

Upskill your workforce with virtual training on eTuTs e-Learning platform.

Effortless setup

With just a few clicks, you’ll get a fully functioning, easy-to-use & feature rich online learning/training platform to organize and promote greater collaboration for instructors & employees.

Deliver Virtual Training

Top-notch virtual classroom experience with collaborative whiteboards, live class recording & Video conferencing, enabling employees & instructors to connect and interact in real time.

Blended Learning

Take live instructor led classes by incorporating multiple methods of learning delivery. Merge digital & traditional training/learning methods on one central platform.

Webinars & Videoconferencing

Conduct training sessions or host webinars from anywhere around the globe, allow better interaction and engaging sessions for employees without any barrier.

Rich communication Tools

Make chats & group discussions, your tools felicalte active communication flows between employees & instructors, making learning more conducive.

Leverage Analytics & Reports

Get insight into employees engagement and performance stats, make more informed and effective decisions based on valuable analytics and reports.

Quick Q&A/Polling

Leverage benefits of real-time Q&A and polling, push questions to employees screen while teaching itself and get evaluated polled response statics in no time.


Co-branding & White labeling, to make the platform yours; you can have your own domain & incorporate your enterprise logo as well as custom emails templates & more.

Experience Learning with eTuTs

“An end-to-end learning platform helping employees to improve and polish their skills to scale growth of themselves as well as the enterprise ”

Craft the most dynamic learning & online training for the modern workforce.

Globe Collaboration & accessibility for Employees

Enterprises can encourage online collaboration with their global workforce across the world. Employees from different departments or countries can all learn & train on a single platform.

Collaborative & productive environment for Instructors

Instructores can easily manage and create their eLearning or training modules or leverage the benefits of collaborative whiteboards or video conferencing to train their employees in real-time.

Faster learning curve and effective training

With virtual classes & easy access to online training videos and learning materials as well as assessments that can be taken at any time during the course help professionals learn better & quicker.

Targeted and timely feedback for Employees & Managers

Online training allows employees to get feedback from their instructors or managers in real time, as they can monitor and get up-to-date analysis of individual employee development.

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