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Why is SEO Important for Your Business?


It’s a common phenomenon that SEO is essential in digital marketing and is associated with search engines. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It’s known for optimising your business’s visibility online. Thereby enhancing your website’s visibility leading to a boost in online traffic and providing better opportunities to market your product and services to the end users.

The significance of SEO to your business: SEO acts as an authoritative voice for your business. Authority leads to building a brand’s goodwill. SEO not only helps your business attract new customers but also enables you to nurture your business’s relationship with the customers.

Smartinfologiks’s digital marketing professionals realize that SEO can be overwhelming. SEO is important, but where do you start from? How do you know what you’re attempting to do is having a positive impact on your business? Don’t Worry! We’re here to help you…

Our data-driven approach helps us focus on creating content and websites that will help your business attain organic ranking and grow traffic. Our SEO services are transparent and we know how to hit the right spot using researched data to best fit your personalized needs.

Our Services

Our best SEO services serve your business an opportunity to reach the peak every time users search for your product or service, thereby leading to increased sales constantly. Additionally, our dedicated team of SEO experts ensure your content is offered exclusively and is available easily to the visitors, driving a mesmerizing and productive user experience.


Global SEO

Our innovative SEO strategies, improved marketing techniques, and best-in-class inbound content marketing help your business rank high in the earmarked countries.


Local SEO

Using the geographical location of your business, we can help you know your audience, their needs and wants, thereby accelerating your online presence be more visible in local search results on Google. Through local SEO we can also boost your customer base.


E-Commerce Marketing

With our ground-breaking expertise in E-commerce SEO, you don’t need to be anxious about the visibility of your online store. We assure wider organic ranking within a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. Talk to our experts for improved traffic and better sales!


On-Page SEO

We serve a platter of on-page SEO involving optimizing physical pages to drive more traffic and visibility. Our SEO agency focuses on on-site content to generate traffic to a page.


Content Marketing

Let your business be exposed with unblemished content leading to more audience engagement with a piece of apt product information. We believe in balancing personalized communication and data-driven optimization


Link Building

We can help attract a relevant audience and increase the number and quality of inbound links to your webpage. Drive organic traffic through search engines in competitive industries.


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO Through off-page SEO our experts can help you earn quality backlinks and convey the significance and reliability of your site to search engines. Boost your brand awareness and drive genuine traffic to your website.


Keyword Research

Our SEO team will perform thorough keyword research best suitable to your website and present the competitive landscape. The selected ones can be used for on-page and off-page SEO.


Website Audit

An assessment of page performance before SEO or a website redesigning is termed a website audit. We can help you evaluate factors affecting your ability to rank in search engine result pages or SERP, thereby stating improvements to be made.

Want to rank higher? Let us help you yield an optimistic relationship with search engines like Google, YouTube by analyzing the facts and data.

What Makes Smartinfologiks a Unique SEO Agency?

SEO is everything and anything about quantity and quality. The better your online visibility (website), both the back and the front, the better will be your website traffic. SEO strategies are an amalgamation of these SEO elements:

  • task_alt Keyword Analysis
  • task_alt Backlink Building
  • task_alt Content Creation

If you provide the customers with what they’re looking for, you become their trusted source. Users always hit the right chord. So, if your business fails to meet users’ standards, SEO for your business is likely to suffer.

With search engine intelligence constantly changing with the Google algorithms, tricking them to benefit yourself will harm and penalize your business. Our SEO solutions are driven by the mantra of growth. Our patience in creating ethical means of building SEO activities pays off in the long run. The purpose of our SEO campaign is to build credibility with search engines.

An insight into some exceptional SEO techniques that make us stand out in the crowd:

  • task_alt We prefer White Hat SEO techniques in contrast to black hat SEO which is dependent on deceptive and unethical means. White hat SEO techniques help in maintaining your brand’s position in SERPs, preventing search engines from chastising your website. Approved optimization techniques make certain the integrity of your website thereby boosting your rankings in organic search engines.
  • task_alt We use ORM in SEO followed by other techniques to enhance the online reputation of a brand. We craft strategies that influence the public reputation of a firm, individual or entity.
  • task_alt Transparency in the business helps us acquire more qualified leads, generate more revenue, and help us build a trusted relationship throughout the project cycle.

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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Resolve your doubts. We don’t want you to stay in the loop. Want to increase your ranking now? We believe that you deserve to know the wear and tear of SEO prior to you invest in it.

  • 1. What is SEO service?
  • 2. How much does SEO cost?
    Well, “it depends!” SEO packages depend on varying factors like the competition in your business domain, the keywords you want to target, etc. Ask to expert for detailed pricing analysis.
  • 3. What services does an SEO Package include?
    It’s completely based on your website status, like the keywords you’re trying to rank one among the major factors. A tailor-made package will be created based on your requirements and the type of SEO required to launch your website for higher ranks in search engines. You can expect transparency from our end.
  • 4. How does your reporting mechanism function?
    After an in-depth discussion, certain aims and ambitions related to the project will be established. Based on this we’ll be sharing the monthly report analysis to track the project's success. Our reporting methodology is simple and transparent. You will acquire a 360-degree view of your target keywords and how the SEO efforts are paying off.
  • 5. How can you help me with local SEO?
    Local SEO is one of our prime niches and we have assisted numerous local businesses to sustain the top spot on local search engines. We promote discussion about your local SEO needs and we’re more than happy to serve you.
  • 6. When can I expect traffic and rankings to show?
    Patience bears the sweetest fruit. SEO is not an overnight task. It’s a marathon and not a javelin throw. Additionally, a few industries and keywords take time to rank. With persistent efforts, even the rocks can be scaled. A duration of 6 months to a year is often recommended to witness desirable results.
  • 7. Why should I still consider SEO after ranking high on Google?
    Notably; Google’s algorithms keep changing 500-600 times a year. Hence, you cannot be sure for how long your website or the page can hold the same spot. It becomes essential that you have an eagle’s eye on your rankings followed by the fluctuations taking place, you might lose the top spot.
  • 8. Is there any sense in applying SEO techniques if I own an offline business?
    Businesses are dependent on sales for survival. But, does those sales yield greater ROI, is a cause of concern. With about 88% of consumers searching for an online purchase, SEO comes into play. Offline stores need an online presence to be relevant to their customers as virtually everyone is online.
  • 9. How many leads does SEO generate?
  • 10. That are the different types of SEO practices?

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