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Why is Email Marketing Important for Your Business?


Leverage the Best Email Marketing Support for Your Business

The significance of email marketing for a digital brand’s success cannot be accentuated enough. Email advertising and marketing are one of the leading marketing techniques to generate quality leads and improve your conversion rate.

Studies reveal that nearly 60% of email subscribers prefer receiving promotional emails a week and about 80% of users spend more on a brand from whom they received web email. Marketers were also recorded receiving a gigantic 3,800% return on investment or $30-38 for every penny invested through email solution.

Businesses still wonder why to invest in email marketing in the era of social media platforms when social media visitors are growing exponentially. Here’s the thing: people still prefer going through their email box for special deals from the brands they are fond of. However, this ratio is comparatively less with merely 4% of people visiting social media for ad campaign tits and bits.

Let’s talk the talk! Build direct links with your prospects and clients by fostering consumer loyalty through Smartinfologiks- the best email marketing services provider company .

Email Marketing Services

Build a Loyal Community & Drive Revenue with Maximum ROI


Campaign Designing

Our email marketing services cover everything right from the initial stages to the concluding stage. So, sit back and relax! Our email experts design and develops each email tailored to your specifications and requirements. With our email marketing agency by your side, you can be assured of attaining high conversion.


Email Optimization

Lack of email marketing knowledge and how to boost email campaigns for B2B email marketing and B2C transactions often lead to unparalleled promotion strategies, lower customer volume, and paramount business downside. Optimize email and invest in conversion-oriented email automation for the best email marketing promotions .


Market Mechanization

We at Smartinfologiks, capitalize on avant-garde email marketing software and perform constant training to offer email automation services to serve value boost profitability. Our marketing experts create email templates that resonate with the client’s fun and retro vibe.


Landing Pages

Our landing page builder creates prolific landing pages. Our templates, and drag and drop editors help businesses to create awe-inspiring landing pages quickly and effortlessly.


Testing and Reporting

Using heat maps, our bulk email marketing company  helps businesses to understand the contact activities. Inbox delivery, contacts click rate, email bounce rate, email open, etc are visible after forwarding a campaign analysis. Besides, we provide reports on a monthly basis to the client to measure business progress and email contacts conversations.


Audience Analysis

Audience research is an effective email marketing aspect that fuels the content planning process. Email marketing helps businesses understand and know their audiences, potential clients, and customers- provide them with what they need and want most, and associated to a deeper extent.

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Email Marketing FAQs

Give better exposure to your business with good quality content and social media posts. Smartinfologiks- the best search engine marketing agency  can help your business flourish.

  • 1.What is email marketing?
  • 2. What opportunities does email marketing facilitate?
    Email marketing helps you integrate a wide range of media into your messaging. With email marketing, you are availed with varying options to choose from including images, videos, text, gifs, and embedded content. Use can use them in any combination or even design an innovative template perfect for your brand.
  • 3.Is email marketing popular ?
    Indeed, email marketing has a profound fanbase , and it’s considered one of the leading mediums of marketing in digital marketing services to pull clients regularly. Email marketing enables businesses to reach their prospects directly into their inbox by possessing the right offers.
  • 4.How frequent should emails be sent?
    Sending one email a month is sufficient to make your presence feel. Twice or thrice a month will help develop a connection without creating a nuisance. But, four consecutive emails a month just to mention your offer is still valid will cost you a dime and ultimately you start losing your subscribers.
  • 5.How do I increase my email subscribers?
    A big NO to buying an email list. The email list is usually not verified and won’t attract many subscribers. A pop-in window asking users to share their email ids can help build a list of potential subscribers.
  • 6.What does the term good open rate mean?
    Email open rate refers to the percentage of people opening your email. If someone fails or purposely doesn’t open your email, there’s no possibility of engagement with your content and brand too. Email open rate depends on your industry and target niche.
  • 7.What is A/B testing?
    It’s an amazing method to uncover the best email marketing strategies for your particular audience. It enables you to test everything from subject line to headline. You can only test one variable at a time, so you have clear data. Testing constantly leads to improvements.
  • 8. What mistakes should be avoided with email marketing?
  • 9.How much does email marketing cost?
    Email marketing helps you connect directly with the customers and yields an extremely high ROI. Want to learn more about how email marketing can drive results and boost ROI? Request a quote!
  • 10. Will I be able to witness a hike through email marketing?
    Effective email campaigns assure sales hikes and inspire the audience towards investing in your brand. Our content experts can help you create inspiring and visually strong emails that will connect with your audience rationally and emotionally.

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