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Patient Data Management

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Patient Data Management

Doctors are one of the most busiest professional in India today. For them their patients diagnosis & treatment related data are very important & It is always time consuming to create a complete mobile application from scratch. There is always time & budget restrictions. With datalytics platform a complete patient data management mobile application can be ready in an hour max & the mobile app will be ready for patients diagnosis data history management, storing date of surgery, implant, investigation/imaging(blood report/MRI/x-ray/image), date-of-consultation etc. & it makes patients next visit easier. It is completely Offline capable. You don't have to always worry about internet to add data. A mobile personal dashboard will be ready in few minutes for doctors. Doctor operational efficiency increases by 40% - 50%, & it is proven already.

Patient Form

Add Patients Data

Add patients basic info like age, sex, height, weight, bp, bmi, address, contact detail, diagnosis information, surgery details etc in a simplified way with a highly user-friendly way.

  • Add patients basic details.
  • Store diagnosis & surgery details in a secure & centralised server.
  • Even reports, X-ray, MRI, image data can be stored & viewed.
  • When no internet, then also you can add patient data to the system without any worry.

Doctor's Dashboard

Dashboards are the best way to visualise all important statistical information on a
single screen. It is highly customisable & easily configurable to visualise the data
that you want on your dashboard. How many cases monthly handled & how efficiently
treated them is the great pride of a doctor.

Patient Listing

Patients Listing & Profile Management

Individual patient profile data management. Patients complete treatment history will be saved, so that every time when the same patient visits to you, his data can be available on your finger tip. Patient's past treatment history is always helpful for better disease diagnosis & treatment.

Save time by a centralised single view of all patients data in a most simplified way. Bundled with features like sorting patients by their name makes, easy storage, retrieval, edit, update features make it more productive.

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