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Case Study

Performance Management System for a Business Development Consultancy


Our client is a business management consultant. They are amongst the most promising workforce development companies. They were willing to implement a performance management system to automate the employee/candidate’s performance.

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  • :   Web Application


  • Lack of Performance management system in HRMS

    The team has been using HRMS software which lacked Employee Performance Management System.

  • Inefficient Analysis

    Their department had been using MS excel for Performance Management

  • Heavy Manual work

    Evaluation required a lot of manual work which was traumatic.

  • Lack of system to assess performance

    Their chief's used to conduct in-person meetings with employees to assess their performance.


  • 9 box model Implementation

    Our product PMS (Performance Management System) has an exemplary performance system, based on a 9-box matrix model.

  • 360 degree Employee performance Analysis

    Closely aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization. KPIs were carefully chosen to reflect the company's Objectives and goals.

  • Dashboard Customization and Widget Addition

    Dashboards and graphs provide clear insights into employee performance trends, allowing managers to make informed decisions

  • Superficial Employee Perfomance Segmentation

    For each designation; certain KPIs are allotted and based on that employee evaluation is carried out post which they are allocated to a particular block. (for e. g. Potential Gem, High Potential, Star)

Key Benefits


Eradication of Manual errors


Faster Evaluation process


Cost and Time efficiency

Project Snapshot

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