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Our client, a leading player in the Automobile FMCG sector, specializes in the comprehensive process of manufacturing, supplying, installing, and servicing.Battery Management systems and Car care products. In a bid to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer service standards, they made the strategic decision to implement Smartinfologiks' cloud-based ERP software - Bizsuite.

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Our client, deeply rooted in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, faced numerous intricate challenges that required customized solutions. They dealt with a wide range of products and ever-changing consumer preferences, making it crucial to have a monitoring system flexible enough to adapt across different levels of their organization.

  • Complexity in Managing a Diverse Product Portfolio

    Handling a wide variety of products, each with its own unique needs, posed a significant challenge. From car parts to cleaning supplies, every item required careful attention to detail to ensure customer demands were met while maintaining operational efficiency.

  • Systems Integration Hurdles

    Ensuring compatibility and interoperability among different systems presented a major hurdle. Whether it was sales module, inventory management, or customer databases, harmonizing these platforms without disruptions was essential for operational effectiveness.

  • Unorganized Lead Management

    Improving the efficiency of lead management processes, from initial contact to purchase, was a priority. Effective tracking and guiding potential customers through the sales journey were crucial for business growth and customer satisfaction.

  • Imbalanced Inventory management

    Balancing inventory levels to meet demand without excessive stockholding was critical. Whether dealing with automotive parts or FMCG products,finding the right equilibrium was essential for profitability and operational efficiency.

  • Improper Invoicing and Regulatory Compliance

    Maintaining precision in invoicing and adherence to regulations was paramount.Avoiding errors and ensuring compliance with tax authorities required ongoing attention to evolving regulations and efficient invoicing practices.


To address challenges , tailored solutions were implemented. We introduced Modern ERP solution to optimize inventory and meet consumer demands. Seamless integration of systems like sales, inventory management and customer databases ensured operational effectiveness. By streamlining lead management processes with CRM tools, customer satisfaction was enhanced. Our approach focused on optimizing inventory levels through forecasting techniques, minimizing costs while meeting demand.

Enhanced Sales Processes (Sales Module)

The Sales module within Bizsuite empowered our client to easily generate Purchase Orders, quotations, and other vital documents, thereby significantly enhancing the efficiency of their sales operations.


Empowered Customer Relationship Management (CRM Module)

With real-time access to customer data, the CRM module enabled personalized service and efficient lead management. The mobile version further optimized field workforce management for improved customer interaction and service.

Holistic Inventory and Asset Management

The Inventory & Assets module within the ERP system enabled our client to effectively manage stock levels and asset lifecycles, resulting in a discernible improvement in return on investment.


Efficient Invoicing and Compliance (Accounts & Invoicing Module)

Multi-template based invoicing simplified billing processes, ensuring timely invoice delivery to customers, and facilitating tracking of payment receivables. Additionally, it generated detailed Tax & TDS reports for regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits


Global Operations Management

Bizsuite ERP facilitated management of global operations for our client. With multi-language and multi-currency support, operations across diverse regions were effectively managed. Additionally, integration with compliance modules ensured adherence to international standards, simplifying regulatory reporting and audits across borders.


Strengthened Customer Relationships

Leveraging the CRM module, the company enhanced customer relationships by tracking interactions, managing leads, and personalizing communication based on individual preferences. This proactive approach led to heightened customer satisfaction and fostered stronger and long-lasting customer relationships.


Rigorous Quality Assurance and Control

Bizsuite's robust quality control module enabled real-time monitoring of production processes, quality checks, and tracking of non-conformance. This stringent quality assurance framework upheld high standards and significantly reduced product defects, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.


Organized Supply chain management

Utilizing the advanced supply chain management capabilities of the Bizsuite, procurement processes were streamlined, ensuring timely availability of critical components. This optimization in supply chain and inventory management facilitated efficient production processes and minimized delays in product delivery.


Precise Decision-Making Insights

By managing processes and reducing paperwork, the ERP system enhanced overall productivity and facilitated informed decision-making. Optimal resource allocation and significant cost savings were achieved, leading to improved customer service and competitiveness in the market.

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